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Acne – a common problem not only during adolescence

Contrary to popular opinion acne is not only a youth problem. Instead there are many different kinds of acne that may affect every age from babies to grown-ups. Statistics have revealed that acne is one of the most common diseases and the most frequent skin disorder. Besides puberty acne the so-called „Mallorca acne“ or chlorine acne and the steroid acne are widely spread.

Causes of acne

Impurities of the skin and acne often come from congested sebaceaous glands. Those congestions are mostly created by a hyperproduction of sebum. Various reasons can be responsible for such an overproduction: hormonal changes, stress, chemicals.

Formation of blackheads and spots

The mouth of the sebaceous gland is also the exit of the faintest hair on our skin. When there is an overproduction of sebum and the skin becomes keratinized then the mouth of the gland becomes congested. This kind of plug we call a comedo or blackhead. When the blackhead is open (visible from the small black spot on top of the skin) then the skin layer over the comedo has opened. If it does not open up then the comedo remains beneath the skin and bacteria will most likely cause an infection of the sebaceous gland and the hair root; the spot gets a red colouring and sometimes it also develops a pustule – a pimple has been created.

Methods of acne treatment

There is a range of different methods how acne can be treated depending on the different kind of acne. Besides special creams that contain various active ingredients, for hard cases also antibiotics are used. At the same time many different kinds of alternative and natural treatments are recommended.

Acne therapy with IPL or microdermabrasion

Besides pure cosmetic treatments and fruit acid peelings we at Belladerma in Hamburg also use IPL (intense pulsed light), a so-called phototherapy, with high energetic light.

Additionally microdermabrasion permanently activates the regeneration of the skin and removes keratinized cells of the skin so that they cannot create new comedos together with the overproduced sebum.

Good things come to those who wait

Acne will not disappear in a day. Mostly an acne therapy takes some time. But our modern treatments and technologies that can easily be combined we achieve extraordinary results.

Make your appointment for a free and tentative advisory in order to find out which kind of therapy is right for you. Call us now and make an appointment. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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