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Beautiful hair is an important part of our ideal of beauty. However, there are areas of the body where hair is disturbing. This includes the hair on the back. More and more men are looking for an effective way to remove annoying hair on the back without much effort and as painlessly as possible. The density and colour of back hair is inherited and therefore cannot be directly influenced. It is often a question of time and cost which way to choose.

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Besides shaving and waxing, laser treatment of back hair is one of the more effective options, especially because the hair may not grow back. Laser treatment of back hair is becoming more and more fashionable because it lasts for a long time and is hardly painful. It is especially suitable for large-area depilation such as on the back, even if it requires several sessions. If you want to have your back hair lasered, you should first make an appointment for a consultation. This is not always the most suitable method. Especially for darker skin types or people with very light hair, laser treatment can cause problems.

What happens when the hair on the back is lasered?

When the hair is lasered, the laser light penetrates a few millimetres into the skin and is converted into heat by the dye in the hair. This affects the cell structure of the hair root in such a way that future growth is delayed or prevented. How often you need to go for laser back hair removal depends on the size of the area. After the hair is removed, there may be slight redness, like sunburn. Care creams that have both a regenerating and cooling effect are used to care for the stressed skin after laser treatment. You should not go out in the sun for at least four weeks after laser treatment of the back hair, as otherwise problems may occur. Also avoid all skin-irritating substances such as chlorinated water, depilatory creams, sunbathing and solarium for this period.

How often do I need to have my back hair lasered?

Since the laser only removes hairs in the growth phase and the hairs are in different growth cycles, laser treatment of the back hair must be repeated about six to eight times for lasting results. The interval between sessions should be at least six weeks.

Permanent back hair removal with IPL instead of laser

If you would like to permanently remove your back hair and learn more about IPL hair removal, contact us right away. We will be happy to advise and inform you. On the subject of permanent laser hair removal Berlin we offer you different areas of application. Find out more on our website or contact us and let us advise you without obligation.


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