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A beautiful beard can be the jewel of a well-groomed male appearance. Unfortunately, the beard often does not grow only where it should. Often the hair sprouts far beyond the cheeks and neck. Excessive hair growth on the face is difficult to tame and a daily, tedious procedure that can tire over the years.

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Removing beard hair with IPL

But the opposite is also problematic: too weak beard growth or irregular sprouting of beard hairs does not make for a beautiful sight. Perhaps in this case one should consider getting rid of the beard altogether by means of permanent hair removal?

For some years now, there has been a revolutionary, gentle and permanent method of taming uncontrolled hair growth and optimising one’s own hair design. The treatment method is called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and is only offered by specialised institutes. With IPL, you can permanently shape the contours of your beard without having to worry every day about when to trim beard hair and trim your beard into shape. There is also no need to shave your neck, because there is no new beard growth after the treatment with IPL. So you can look forward to wonderfully relaxed shaving times.

Facial hair removal not only for women

Not only women have their lady’s beard removed, also for men the moment has long since come to deal offensively with their own hair situation. Straggly hair and a wild beard are relics from the Stone Age. The modern man values a well-groomed and styled appearance. In men, it is above all the face that is decisive for their attractiveness. And for the beard wearer, the perfect care and contour of his beard is what counts.

IPL as a wonder weapon against uncontrolled beard growth

During an IPL treatment, your beard is brought into the perfect shape. After the contour has been determined together with you, the treatment begins with the handheld device. The IPL device is placed on the surface of the skin to be treated, then a high-energy flash of light is triggered, the colour spectrum of which is precisely matched to the success of the treatment. The light energy is converted into heat on the skin, which penetrates to the flashed hair roots and obliterates the follicles there. After only a few repetitions of this treatment within 4-5 weeks, the beard growth in the treated regions will be permanently absent.

With IPL you not only have a gentle, almost painless and quick solution for a permanently perfectly styled beard growth. Save yourself a lot of time and effort in the future and take care of more important things than your daily shave. With IPL this is possible without any problems. We will be happy to tell you how it works in a non-binding information session. Contact BellaDerma right away or visit our website to find out about the various options for permanent laser hair removal in Berlin. We will be happy to advise you.


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