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Everyone knows this situation: When we look into the mirror, the face we look at shows a number of minor faults that don’t make us too happy. Be it a spot in the face, skin irritations, acne or acne scars, gleaming areas, faint eyelashes or be it uneven eyebrows, age marks or other pigment disorders – for all those irregularities a professional beauty treatment is the right choice.

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The variety of cosmetics and various beauty treatments is almost infinite, and most clients feel helpless and haven’t got the faintest idea of what kind of treatment or cosmetic products they should choose. At Belladerma in Hamburg our cosmetic specialists select the best and most promising beauty treatments and products according to the cosmetic problem.

Your fresh and young appeal after the beauty treatment will be the best argument for the experience and qualification of our professional staff.

Belladerma offers dermatologic as well as appliances-based beauty treatments Besides classic beauty treatments that tend to cure and generate your natural beauty in the first place, Belladerma is also offering a number of beauty treatments that use special cosmetic appliances. On one side they help to remove bothering skin alterations and on the other side they can be utilised as anti-aging therapies.

Beauty treatments with IPL technology

Belladerma in Hamburg is using the breakthrough technology of IPL. IPL stands for „intense pulsed light“. – This established technology is also known under the keyword „flash light“. It uses the high energy light of a xenon bulb with a broad frequency spectrum. Contrary to laser techniques it is possible to treat larger areas of the skin simultaneously with IPL. The use of IPL technology is very compatible and with low risk. Mostly it is used for hair removals but also against spider veins, facial erythrosis, haemangioma, or age marks.

Beauty treatment with microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a very effective, targeted and accommodating beauty treatment. The upper layer of the skin will carefully be abraded or milled off with a special appliance. Microdermabrasion is much more effective than a normal mechanical peeling of the skin but still it is quite comfortable. This beauty treatment shows the best results with acne, minor scars and with pigment alterations. Whether you use diamonds or crystals for the microdermabrasion, it is always a good beauty treatment for a fresh looking and natural presence.

Fruit acid peeling

There is an alternative to mechanical peelings: a fruit acid peeling. This special treatment will permanently improve the fresh look of your skin. A fruit acid peeling at Belladerma in Hamburg is especially effective because we are able to use completely different fruit acids from the acids that normal beauty parlours can use. Indeed we also offer fruit acid peelings that you may use at home but those acids have a lower concentration and cannot be as efficient as the ones we use at BellaDerma directly. Belladerma in Hamburg has a long experience in beauty treatments with fruit acid peelings.

This kind of beauty treatment is especially interesting for a general rejuvenation of the skin. But also age marks and other pigment alterations can be removed with fruit acid peelings. Especially for acne it is quite effective.

Permanent make-up

With a decent permanent make-up you always look perfectly made-up – no matter what the situation! Belladerma is offering a wide range of possible beauty treatments, for example an eyelash densification, eyeliner, accentuation or correction of the eyebrows, but also a contouring or modelling of the lips.

Beauty treatments for minor or major skin problems Belladerma in Hamburg is offering a wide range of therapies for any skin problem. Whether your skin is large-pored, flabby, faint, or too shiny, whether you have problems with acne or skin impurities, or feel disturbed by pigment alterations or age marks, facial erythrosis or small wrinkles or if you wish that the contours of your face should become more striking – our professional staff at Belladerma in Hamburg can recommend an individual beauty treatment that is suited especially to your needs.

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Only after a complete and thorough analysis of your skin we are able to develop your own individual beauty treatment and cosmetic care. All individual factors will be discussed with you. So you will get all information that will support you in order to select your own personal and perfectly suited beauty program. Just give us a call and get your free advice or make your personal appointment now!

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