Botox treatment in Berlin

Botox® injections – the perfect wrinkle treatment?

The responsible use of Botox makes it a miraculous remedy for wrinkle treatments. Botox (botulinum toxin A) has become a fascinating and easy-to-use means for wrinkle corrections. Dynamic wrinkles are created by the vivid activity of the facial muscles (furrows, wrinkles around the eyes but also around the mouth, the nose, the chin, and the neck).

Botox® injections for perfect wrinkle treatment

Botox against dynamic wrinkles

The most common dynamic wrinkles are across the forehead (forehead lines), at the outer corners of your eyes (crow's feet) and between the eyebrows (frown lines).

In general dynamic wrinkles are unwelcome. The simple reason is that they not only display life experience but also far too often leave a dark, worrying and harmful look on our face.

However, for almost every kind of wrinkle there is a special and optimal therapy to get rid of it. In earlier days especially dynamic wrinkles could only be treated with poor results. After those treatments the face often looked quite unnatural and like a mask. Nowadays this has changed completely.

Wrinkles in the face are not a question of the age

The older we get, the more wrinkles show up. This effect is due to the natural aging process of our skin whose conjunctive tissue is losing its elasticity and is making the storage of fluids more difficult over the time. But also young people can develop dynamic wrinkles because of a permanent tension of their facial muscles. In these cases the first wrinkles could become so deeply engraved around the age of 20 already that they remain in the face even when it is relaxed.

What's botulinum toxin A?

In order to scare the people, botulinum toxin is often called a strong and dangerous nerve poison. Basically, this is not completely wrong, but concerning its chemical structure, botulinum toxin A is first of all a natural protein that is produced by bacteria. Functionally speaking, botulinum toxin A blocks certain impulses of the nerves.

When botulinum toxin A is injected through the skin into a muscle, this muscle is temporarily and either completely or partially relaxed. Other functions of the nerve – e.g. its feeling, tactile sense or temperature sensation – remain unchanged.

Botox treatment

The functionality of Botox is simple: It blocks the transportation of the nerve impulse to the muscle. That's why all tensions and wrinkles on the face disappear.

Before every Botox treatment the skin will be thoroughly disinfected. Then a certain amount of Botox (botulinum toxin A) will be injected into a number of small spots along the facial muscle. These subtle injections are so small that it's hard to recognize them at all. Afterwards the treated areas are cooled in order to prevent tumescences of the skin. In two to ten days after the treatment the desired results show up already.

Repeated wrinkle corrections with Botox

When a Botox treatment is repeated regularly, an interesting effect can be observed. An iteration of the Botox treatment lets the muscles “forget” the development of wrinkles so that the reductive result of a Botox treatment lasts longer at each time.

What do I have to mind after a Botox treatment?

It is quite natural that right after a Botox treatment your skin will feel more tense and sensitive than usual. During the first couple of hours after a session you should not touch your skin more than necessary and should not carry heavy weights – a pursuit that would increase the tension of the skin's surface allover the body. You may put on a light make-up and wash your skin with a soft lotion. However, you should avoid as well the visit of saunas as the exposure of the skin to heavy UV lights of a solarium or the natural sun. Most important for a good and lasting result of the treatment is the continous training of the facial muscles over the next hours (e.g. to wrinkle one's forehead).

Botox treatments only from a medical specialist for plastic surgery

Botox is a substance that makes miraculous results possible but it should only be used by highly qualified and trained professionals. Our medical specialists for plastic surgery strongly advise you to avoid Botox treatments in beauty parlours or even on so-called “Botox parties”. At BellaDerma your Botox treatment will be professionally made by a medical specialist for plastic surgery who besides his long-time experience also can rely on his professional knowledge in facial surgery.

Are you interested in a Botox treatment?

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