Breast reduction / breast lift in Berlin

The ideal shape of the bust is rarely achieved by nature. Usually the bust is too large or too small. Through a breast reduction by a specialist in plastic surgery, you can achieve the shape and size you desire. For many years, cosmetic surgery has developed excellent ways to optimally adjust the female bust to the desired shape.

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In most cases, it is about a breast reduction that reduces a too large bust to the desired size. A bust that is too large and heavy not only disturbs one’s own sense of beauty, but its heavy weight can also lead to back pain and restrict one’s freedom of movement. If all these factors come together permanently and the pressure of suffering becomes too great, one should think about a breast reduction.

Breast lift

The bust may also have lost its elasticity due to several pregnancies or simply due to advanced age. The connective tissue is severely strained and sags. In such cases, a breast lift can lead to an attractive result.

Breast reduction only from a specialist

Breast reduction and lifting can nowadays be carried out with the help of a minor surgical procedure. However, the experience of the treating specialist is decisive. Here you are in the right hands at BellaDerma. This is because we work together with a renowned private clinic which, due to its many years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, guarantees optimal care and the highest quality.

Breast reductions or breast lifts are performed as in-patient procedures. The short procedure usually takes place under general anaesthesia. The patient is thus calmer and the treatment result is optimal. After a breast reduction, your breast is firmer and tighter again. The total weight of the breast decreases and in this way also reduces the physical restrictions of a too large bust. With a smaller bust, your self-esteem will increase. You will feel better again, more flexible and more feminine. This good feeling will also positively change your appearance. You will feel more attractive again and look better. The size, volume and shape of your breasts will be restored to the ideal of a natural breast through a breast reduction and lift.

What happens during breast reduction surgery?

The female breast consists mainly of glandular tissue and fat. Glandular tissue and fat are also the components of the breast that are gently removed during a reduction. In this way, the overall volume of the breast is reduced and the bust naturally adapts to the new shape. The excess fatty tissue can be removed through small, inconspicuous incisions – usually below the bust. As a rule, the fatty tissue is suctioned out through fine cannulas. Immediately after the operation, a compression bandage is applied, which the patient should wear for about three weeks to support healing and achieve an optimal result.

Good prospects of successful treatment

Breast reduction is one of those cosmetic surgery treatments in which experience has been gained for decades. It is therefore a surgical method with a good to very good chance of success. Of course, this success is always dependent on the patient’s body weight, skin condition, the body’s own healing powers and hormonal characteristics. However, the positive effect that a breast reduction and breast lift have on the patient is always clearly recognisable.

Breast reduction or breast lift?

The BellaDerma institutes in Berlin Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg attach great importance to your comprehensive consultation. Only when you have sufficient information can you make the right decision. A breast reduction is an important decision that will change your life. Therefore, you will be informed about the treatment options in our institutes in a detailed preliminary consultation. Together with you, we will find the optimal form of treatment for you. In this way, we find out whether a breast reduction or breast lift is an option for you and what alternatives there are.

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The medical staff of trained specialists, beauticians and alternative practitioners are happy to advise you on the possible treatments. The consultation is non-binding and free of charge. Call us on +49/30/88 92 92 20.

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