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In the run-up to a treatment, some clients are unsure when they should go to a doctor, when a cosmetic studio is the best choice or what the tasks of a non-medical practitioner are. At BellaDerma, you can receive all forms of aesthetic treatment, including surgery or the use of Botox.

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We would like to answer the question of the best place to go for cosmetic treatments here. However, at BellaDerma we also work with many technical devices such as IPL or laser, Picosure and HIFU and are also there for you in this area.

Who is better suited: Doctor, alternative practitioner or cosmetic studio?

As sweeping as the question is, it can no longer be answered these days. More and more medical practices have discovered the advantages of cosmetic treatments and offer corresponding services. Furthermore, doctors are working together with cosmetic studios, thus bundling their professional expertise and creating a win-win situation – also in the sense of the customers. Alternative practitioners can also be found in this field, but they have to accept restrictions in their field of activity compared to the work of doctors. Some treatments, however, can only be carried out by doctors, which is especially the case with invasive therapies.

When is a doctor needed for aesthetic treatment?

A doctor is always needed when the treatment literally “gets under the skin”. A dermabrasion is such an example, because here the skin is also sanded in its deep layers. An operation such as a facelift belongs to the competence area of a surgeon anyway, and wrinkle injections with Botox may also not be undertaken in a purely cosmetic studio. Hyaluronic acid is also sometimes administered by alternative practitioners, but one should be warned against this because in many cases their medical knowledge is simply not sufficient and there is a risk of unpleasant side effects. Autologous blood therapy is also reserved for doctors, and only trained and qualified doctors are allowed to handle particularly strong and effective lasers.

When is it enough to go to a beauty salon?

In the field of laser therapy, there are also applications that take place in beauty salons, and they are usually the first port of call for hair removal as well – especially when it comes to waxing, sugaring and permanent hair removal. Tattoo removal with the picosecond laser Picosure can then fall back into the medical field.

Microneedling is exactly on the borderline: cosmetic treatments take place up to a needle thickness of 0.8 millimetres; above this, one must speak of medical treatment. Last but not least, the cosmetic sector includes a wealth of wellness treatments from the areas of hand care and foot care in a non-medical sense. Wellness massages may also be administered in a beauty salon.

Your visit to the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments in Berlin

If you would like to enjoy an aesthetic treatment in Berlin, you are on the safe side at BellaDerma. At our two locations in Berlin Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg, we carry out both medical and non-medical procedures. We therefore have sufficient expertise to cover the entire spectrum and are happy to be there for you all round.


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