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The word cosmetics itself already contains the aspects of decoration and jewellery. It is derived from the Greek “kosmetike techne” (art of cleaning) and “kosmein” (to adorn). And that is precisely what cosmetics are intended to do, both care cosmetics and decorative cosmetics.

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Here cosmetics become jewellery

Prehistoric wall paintings also prove that decorative cosmetics have been used by people for thousands of years. The goal of beautification is always at the centre. In early times, these changes were perhaps made for special, religious or ritual occasions and not to beautify individuals. However, this is only an assumption and not scientifically proven. In contrast, knowledge about the use of cosmetics by advanced civilisations such as Egypt, China, but also Persians, Greeks and Romans is scientifically well-founded. Here there are written records of the use of cosmetics and preserved buildings and documents prove that cosmetics were already used for beautification at that time.

What does decorative cosmetics include?

In modern times, decorative cosmetics encompasses an extremely broad spectrum: in addition to all possibilities of beautifying oneself through colour or mechanical methods (i.e. plucking eyebrows or shaving armpits, for example), it also includes tattoos, and often even piercings are included. But above all, of course, the wide-ranging possibilities for individual beautification through decorative cosmetics should be considered. These possibilities literally range from head to toe. Starting with the hair, the first thing to mention is hair colouring and tinting. Eyebrows are plucked and accentuated with eyebrow pencils. For the eyes alone, there is a particularly wide range: eye shadow, eyeliner pencil, eye concealer, mascara, mascara and so on.

If you look at the whole face, make-up naturally comes first. But make-up consists of many different cosmetic products: Foundation, concealer, wrinkle filler (smoothing), blush in cream form or as a powder, finish (transparent powder). Decorative cosmetics have a lot to offer for the mouth and lips: Foundation, powder, wrinkle filler, liner, lipstick and gloss. These also include products that promote blood circulation in the lips and thus make them appear redder, the so-called lip plumpers.

Decorative cosmetics – for every skin type and all parts of the body

Decorative cosmetics do not stop at the face, of course. There are products for the whole body. While full body painting or body painting is used more for advertising purposes or as an art object, tanning creams are widely used to ensure that the current ideal of tanned skin can be achieved in a healthier way than through UV radiation. Wrinkle fillers for the décolleté are easier to apply as a cream than injections by the plastic surgeon. Last but not least, everything around the finger and toe nails belongs to decorative cosmetics. Here, too, simple nail varnish is not enough. The product range is wide: Besides nail whitener, there are also stickers or small decorative stones, as well as artificial nails. All these products from head to toe are available for every skin type, in virtually every colour, in every quality, as organic products, on a purely vegetable basis, at discounters or in exquisite beauty institutes. They all serve the actual goal of decorative cosmetics, beautification.

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