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Ears are important part of our face and countenance. The face says more about a person’s personality than any other part of the body. By looking at a face, we form an image of the person opposite, whether positive or negative, attractive or unattractive.

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The nose, the eyes and the mouth can still be so beautiful: If the ears stick out or are too big, it can be a flaw that causes both attractiveness and self-esteem to dwindle.

High quality standards in ear correction

Cosmetic surgery”:/en/plastic-surgery.html has been able to gather experience over many years, which nowadays makes very good and low-risk treatments possible, not only for the enlargement or reduction of the bust. Facelifting and the correction of eyelids and ears have also reached a standard of quality that opens up the possibility of problem-free cosmetic surgery correction for many patients.

Cosmetic surgery correction of the ears

At BellaDerma, protruding ears can be corrected by means of a small and low-risk operation. In addition to the correction of protruding ears, ears that are too large can also be reduced or defective auricles can be rebuilt with ear implants. There is not enough space here to describe all the variants and aspects of a possible ear correction. Let us find out in a detailed consultation what is possible for your individual case. Today, plastic surgery is able to treat many cases that were considered unsolvable just a few years ago with good results.

What happens during ear correction surgery?

Ear correction surgery is a minor procedure. Therefore, the patient is only hospitalised for a short period of time and is operated on under general anaesthesia. The results of the treatment are very good and the risk of complications is virtually eliminated. After the operation, you should allow yourself a few days off to promote the success of the treatment and to support the healing process. Your body needs a little relaxation to be able to concentrate fully on the healing process. After every treatment, temporary irritation and slight swelling of the treated skin areas are quite natural. Of course, this also applies to our ears. Slight swelling may occur, but will usually go away on its own.

Very good chances of success

For all ear corrections, the more experienced the doctor, the better the chances of success. BellaDerma is the right address for you. The BellaDerma specialists have successfully made a name for themselves in the fields of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery for many years. With such expert execution in a clinically clean and professional environment, complications and risks can be virtually ruled out.

Consultation and preliminary discussion

The plastic surgeons at BellaDerma, in Berlin Kudamm and Berlin Mitte, will listen to your personal wishes and answer all your questions. With us you will receive individual and competent advice. Make an appointment now for an informative consultation without obligation.

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The medical staff of trained specialists, beauticians and alternative practitioners are happy to advise you on the possible treatments. The consultation is non-binding and free of charge. Call us on +49/30/88 92 92 20.

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