Electro-epilation vs. IPL

There are several methods to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. You can, of course, use a wet razor or pluck with tweezers, epilate the hair with warm or cold wax, or use special creams.

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Permanent epilation by electroepilation or IPL?

But there are also other procedures that are used by specialised institutes to permanently curb hair growth. Among those procedures are electro-epilation, hair removal by means of laser treatment. However, the differences between these electrical procedures and the forms of treatment with light energy are enormous – and also noticeable in the truest sense.

Electroepilation / needle epilation

Electroepilation is a relatively old method. It was developed in the USA in the second half of the 19th century. It involves the removal of hair through the action of electric currents. The procedure is relatively complicated: An extremely thin steel needle is inserted into the hair follicle. A light electric current is then applied to this needle and conducted directly into the hair follicle. The electrical energy destroys the hair follicle and damages the surrounding hair growth cells. If the application is successful, no new hair can grow from this hair follicle.

Methods of electro-epilation

To achieve this effect, electro-epilation uses three different treatment methods: Thermolysis, electrolysis and a combination of both methods.

In thermolysis, the hair root is destroyed by the correct dosage of heat, in electrolysis by a correctly adjusted intensity of electric current and in the blend method by the correct combination of both forms of energy.

This sounds rather complicated, and in fact the treatment procedure of electro-epilation is unfortunately not very successful. This procedure is relatively painful for the patient, and sometimes quite severe skin reactions and side effects can occur due to the electricity used. In addition, the hair roots are often not hit precisely and the treatment is unsuccessful.

IPL epilation – better than electro-epilation

This cannot happen with the treatment with IPL . Here, individual hair roots are not treated, but an entire skin area is treated at the same time with a hand-held device. The light wave spectrum of an IPL treatment is precisely adjusted to the patient’s skin type and the characteristics of the hair to be treated.

The high-energy flash of light is quickly absorbed by the hair, converted into heat and directed into the hair roots. There, the roots are destroyed and the regrowth of new hair is permanently prevented. The whole process is quick and relatively painless. After only a few treatments, all hair is removed and the region remains permanently hairless.

Compared to IPL technology, which works with a broadband light spectrum that can treat and permanently depilate entire skin regions at the same time, the electro-epilation procedure takes much longer because each hair root has to be treated individually with a probe.

In addition, the electrical stimulation current is quite unpleasant for the patient and often leads to stronger irritation of the treated skin regions. And last but not least, electro-epilation or needle epilation is also more expensive for the customer than IPL treatment, as it is more time-consuming for the staff and has to be repeated several times. The reason for this is that not all hair roots can always be destroyed in a single treatment.

Further arguments against electroepilation

So there are many disadvantages, which at the same time are further arguments in favour of IPL treatment. IPL is relatively painless, fast and thorough for the patient. Thanks to the high efficiency of this procedure, the costs are kept low and after a few treatments the treated body area is absolutely hairless for a long time.

Find out about the other advantages of “IPL hair removal in Berlin” at the BellaDerma specialist centre in Berlin:/en/ipl-hair-removal-in-berlin.html and arrange a free and non-binding consultation with our specialist staff.


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