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  • Robert (23)
    Berlin Tiergarten

    Acne is - to put it casually - hell. Or rather: acne was hell, because thanks to an acne treatment at BellaDerma, my skin finally looks good again. I got the tip from a colleague at work. Since I can quickly get to Kurfürstendamm from Berlin Tiergarten and the BellaDerma beauty institute also enjoys a good reputation, I went there for advice. Already after the first acne treatment, many of my pustules were removed as if by magic. It took a few months until the final removal, but the result proves that the patience was worth it. In Berlin, I wouldn't know of a better address.

    Kristin (14)
    Berlin Steglitz

    At school, my classmates already mocked me as "Streuselkuchen". So I decided to have acne treatment. My mother put me in touch with the BellaDerma cosmetic institute and has been a customer there for many years. I went sometimes as a child and therefore already knew the team. The acne treatment doesn't hurt and is explained in detail. I didn't understand everything right away, but at least I got rid of my stupid pimples.

    Margarete (44)
    Berlin Rudow

    My name is Margarete and I live in Berlin Rudow. Since puberty I have suffered from acne again and again. My dermatologist once explained to me that it has to do with hormones, but he didn't know of any remedy that helped. At the BellaDerma practice in Berlin Mitte, I finally found the right acne treatment. Not only have I been largely acne-free since then - the whole thing went without harsh chemicals or taking tablets. Thank you very, very much.

    Matthias (21)
    Berlin Rudow

    I was recommended acne treatment by my dermatologist. Previously I had tried around with lots of harsh chemicals but unfortunately never achieved anything. I openly admit that I didn't even know that a specialist institute like BellaDerma existed before. Nobody from my circle of acquaintances could tell me about their experiences, so I literally jumped into the "deep end". It was worth it. After six treatments, I was largely rid of my acne on my forehead and cheeks. The prices were very reasonable and even my father paid part of the costs. I would recommend the BellaDerma cosmetic institute in Berlin Charlottenburg for acne treatment at any time.

  • Leonie (15)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    As I myself come from Charlottenburg, BellaDerma was directly the first choice. Acne treatment was necessary because my face was showing more and more pustules. My mother's acquaintances had already told me about some of their experiences, and all of them were positive. I can't say anything about the prices because the costs were covered by my parents. But I remember that my father once said that BellaDerma was absolutely fair and cheap. In any case, the acne treatment worked in my case and I also received some good care tips. If I have problems with my skin again sometime, I know immediately who to turn to.

    Dietmar (42)
    Berlin Mitte

    At 42 years old, another acne treatment? I never dreamed of that either. However, BellaDerma, here in Berlin Mitte, was recommended to me by my dermatologist. Fortunately, it was "only" for my back, on which a lot of pustules had formed. I paid for the treatment of my acne myself and was surprised how cheap an appointment at the specialist centre was. In the end, my skin was first thoroughly analysed and then treated in the form of microdermabrasion. My experience has been unreservedly positive.

    Ursula (38)
    Berlin Kreuzberg

    My first encounter with BellaDerma took place in Berlin Charlottenburg. It is almost bizarre that the testimonials of my 16-year-old daughter, of all people, led to an appointment. She was recommended the acne treatment by her dermatologist and since I never really got rid of my acne scars, I came along without further ado. My treatment was on my forehead and cheeks and consisted of a combination of fruit acid and microdermabrasion. The prices were exceedingly reasonable in my eyes, especially since, in addition to the actual treatment, lots of tips on skin care and nutrition were given.

    Peter (46)
    Berlin Mariendorf

    Yes, that's right, great prices. My daughter went to Ku'damm for acne treatment and I got to pay! She feels better and I was happy to pay!

  • Radka (45)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    In my middle years I got acne all of a sudden and couldn't explain why. I sought advice from BellaDerma. After a thorough skin analysis and a few treatments later, the problem was gone. Pimples and blackheads are no longer an issue since I now regularly undergo professional facial treatments.

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