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  • Sophie (43)
    Berlin Wilmersdorf

    Before I enjoyed a treatment with Botox in Berlin for the first time, I was sceptical. It was only the testimonials of my friends that proved me wrong. I guess it also depends on where you get Botox injected. I chose the BellaDerma specialist centre in Berlin Charlottenburg. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that the prices are fairly calculated, but on the other hand also with the gentle procedure. The doctors at BellaDerma take great care to disinfect the skin before every Botox treatment and then only inject it at certain points. Less is more here and after only three days, a result was noticeable in my case.

    Stefanie (48)
    Berlin Tegel

    Whether Botox is really part of life? In the meantime, I have to answer this question in the affirmative, but this also has to do with my special situation. On the one hand, wrinkles have been etched into my face since I was 35, and on the other hand, as a flight attendant, I have to look fresh and refreshed. That's how I came across BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte and have had nothing but positive experiences so far. The botulinum toxin A aka Botox is only injected on the cheekbones and has significantly reduced the wrinkles. Of course, I don't look 20 now, but the effect is natural and lasting.

    Jennifer (52)
    Berlin Neukölln

    In the beginning there were some reports about Botox experiences that I saw on a TV show. It wasn't about Botox in Berlin at all, but about the possibilities of this beauty treatment in general. Since I have been treated at BellaDerma in Charlottenburg for several years, I simply asked. In my case, it was about the ugly wrinkles around my mouth, because I am still happy with my eye area. - What can I say? The injections are cheap and incredibly effective. You don't feel at all that the muscle has been artificially relaxed, but you see the result every time you look in the mirror. I am thrilled.

    Friederike (46)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    The only disadvantage of Botox, in my opinion, is that I am not allowed to go out in the sun or solarium for a few days after the treatment. On the other hand, my skin is pleasantly smoothed after every visit to BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte. My experiences are consistently positive and sometimes I have the feeling of having fallen into a veritable "fountain of youth" - and at a really low cost.

  • Mascha (56)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    Already in my early 50s I had toyed with the idea of wrinkle treatment with Botox. At that time it was still too early, but in the meantime I am a regular customer at BellaDerma. The decision to go to the specialist centre in Berlin Mitte was based on the Botox experiences of my friends, all of whom are happy to place themselves in the expert hands of the doctors there. What can I say? The prices are good, the service is exemplary and the results of the Botox treatment are impressive, which my husband confirms every time.

    Michael (53)
    Berlin Zehlendorf

    I can only report good things about BellaDerma Fachzentrum in Berlin. The Botox treatments are carried out by really friendly and competent doctors. I have had my forehead wrinkles treated at BellaDerma for 2 years now and can only report good things.

    Gernot (50)
    Berlin Schöneberg

    I didn't know about Botox for excessive sweating. My doctor gave me the tip and I immediately went to BellaDerma in Berlin Charlottenburg. I knew them from my wife, who always came back very satisfied from her Botox treatments. What can I say? The sweat under my armpits no more and I'm grateful.

    Thea (41)
    Berlin Steglitz

    Botox treatment seemed unthinkable to me for years. After all, you read about the risks in all sorts of magazines. However, a friend enlightened me that a real treatment has nothing to do with a "Botox party" and Botox is only used by real professionals anyway. So I took the plunge and had my wrinkles around the lips removed. The success is overwhelming and the impression is natural through and through.

  • Dorothea (52)
    Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

    I use Botox in very measured doses and only on special occasions. Accordingly, I don't run the risk of getting an unnatural facial expression. For me, it's simply a matter of getting the unsightly crow's feet under control and a few small injections do that without any side effects or major costs. The whole thing is unspectacular and just a practical thing.

    Birgit (42)
    Berlin Kreuzberg

    I use Botox occasionally, but only when combined with the natural hyaluronic acid. I am only 42 years old, but the tendency to wrinkle seems to run in my family. I have no desire to look old, which is why I get injections mainly in the forehead area. That has worked well so far and so I will go to BellaDerma again. They know how to do it and I also like the atmosphere in the practice.

    Ebru (46)
    Berlin Wedding

    To call BellaDerma a wellness oasis is perhaps going too far. But I definitely feel good here and I wouldn't have the Botox treatment in Berlin at any other place. What I particularly like is the downright cordial staff, who are always up for a joke. The quality of the treatment is impeccable, at least in the practice on Unter den Linden. Oh, and by the way, I used Botox as an alternative to surgery to lift my eyebrows.

    Hannah (36)
    Berlin Rudow

    You look the way you look.". This sentence comes from my mother, who would never have had any beauty treatment done. I won't have my face treated either at just 36 years old, but Botox has helped me a lot on my calves. I like to wear tight trousers and boots in winter. Because I played football for many years, my calves are very muscular and thick, or were. A few injections have led to a pleasing reduction. Thanks to BellaDerma in Charlottenburg.

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