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Fat-away injection

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  • Renate (68)
    Berlin Wilmersdorf

    Once BellaDerma, always BellaDerma. I don't think I'll need another fat-removal injection. After all, the fat tissue doesn't reform and after one treatment you're rid of your worries. In my case, it all started with liposuction in the abdominal area. Some fat deposits simply remained and defied even any sport. BellaDerma in Berlin Charlottenburg helped with the fat-away injection and removed the remaining fat in just three appointments. Of course, I don't have the connective tissue of a 20-year-old now, but I'm very happy with the effect.

    Anna (56)
    Berlin Pankow

    Actually, I'm not too fat and I can live with my little belly. Nevertheless, I consider the fat-away injection to be a practical treatment because it can also eliminate cellulite. The principle is very simple. During an appointment at BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte, the skin is first analysed. In my case, four injection lipolysis treatments with the active ingredient phosphatidylcholine were enough to achieve a great effect. I'm already thinking about having the annoying fat on my calves treated as well.

    Helene (46)
    Berlin Lichtenberg

    When I first heard about the Fat Away Injection in Berlin, I still thought it was an April Fool's joke. How is an injection supposed to replace years of training? And what kind of substance must it be that can remove fat so quickly? My questions were answered at BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte. Of course I have to keep exercising to maintain my figure. But the fat-away injection is a practical addition in my eyes. I had the injection lipolysis treatment done on my knee because the pads there wouldn't go away despite exercising. After only three sessions, each lasting half an hour, I got rid of my fat pads and no new fat cells have formed since then either.

    Cordula (51)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    For a long time I was afraid of a fat-removal injection. It sounds so unnatural. I have been a customer of BellaDerma for many years and at some point I informed myself thoroughly. With the fat-away injection, a substance called phosphatidylcholine is injected under the skin. In my case, it was for my lower legs, which were getting thicker with age. After four appointments, the fat pads were gone and have not returned since. Despite my previous doubts, I would recommend the treatment without hesitation. In other words, my mistrust dissolved into nothing at the same time as the fat.

  • Waltraud (66)
    Berlin Schöneberg

    When my daughter first told me about fat-away injections, I thought it was a joke. How could such a thing work? But her testimonials made me curious and I went to BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte. Of course, fat-losing injections don't mean that you lose pounds straight away. It's more about the very small pads that can't be removed even through diet and training. For me, this was mainly the case in my face and the treatment worked straight away. My double chin had already shrunk after the first session and after four appointments it was no longer there. The great thing is that the cost is within reason and I'm guaranteed never to get the fat problem in my chin area again.

    Hendrik (55)
    Berlin Wilmersdorf

    Fair prices, good advice and above all visible results. BellaDerma relieved me of my bags under my eyes with just one fat-away injection. I admit that I am quite vain and some of my friends did not notice any cosmetic problem at all. Nevertheless, I went to the specialist centre for advice. My wife's experience tipped the scales in favour of this provider and since the prices are also reasonable, I stayed. Since then I have had a number of smaller treatments and have always been satisfied. However, the fat-away injection remains the most impressive testimony to the good work done at BellaDerma.

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