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  • Andrea (77)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    Now 77 years old, I would have to lie if I described myself as wrinkle-free. Of course, I no longer look like a young woman. However, after a visit to BellaDerma on Ku'Damm in Berlin, I feel rejuvenated by at least a decade, if not two. For wrinkle treatment, I swear by a combination. On the one hand, I rely on fruit acids, which contain lots of vitamin C. On the other hand, I have my wrinkles treated. On the other hand, I have a Botox injection every now and then. I've also thought about a facelift, but at the moment I'm still very happy with the external methods for wrinkle injections.

    Emma (44)
    Berlin Mitte

    Wrinkle injections have been on my agenda since my 40th birthday. I came to BellaDerma in a roundabout way and would never go anywhere else for treatment. The location in Berlin Mitte, directly under the Linden, is very convenient for me. I live on Friedrichsstraße and therefore don't have far to go. I have wrinkle injections with the help of hyaluronic acid. I have also tried Botox, but at the moment I prefer to rely on natural methods. The success is impressive and when I go out I am regularly estimated to be in my mid-30s.

    Lotte (68)
    Berlin Wannsee

    Once a month I enjoy my beauty day. For many years I have taken the S-Bahn from Berlin Wannsee to Bahnhof Zoo and then go directly to BellaDerma in Joachimstaler Straße. My favourite is the wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid. It sounds a bit like a medical treatment, but it is the most natural way to get rid of wrinkles. Because the hyaluronic acid gel is so stable, I only need to have this treatment every six months and can move on to other areas at the other appointments. The atmosphere at BellaDerma is pleasant and sometimes I almost find it a shame that the wrinkle injection only lasts a round half hour.

    Emma (68)
    Berlin Schöneberg

    My friends shook their heads at first when I raved about wrinkle injections. In the meantime, I have already been able to successfully recommend a visit to BellaDerma on Kurfürstendamm twice. They say that men look more interesting with wrinkles, but my experience here in Berlin has been different. Since I had my first wrinkle injection, I am no longer seen as an "old geezer" and I also feel noticeably younger. The result is already visible after the first treatment and lasts almost a whole year. And why should only women want to look good and young?

  • Klaus (65)
    Berlin Schmargendorf

    Before I came to BellaDerma in Charlottenburg for a wrinkle injection for the first time, my mates had told me that only women do such things. Not so. I was by no means the only man and was not looked at askance. The treatment was quick and has been working for seven months now. I was simply tired of looking like an old man and thought my 65th birthday was a good time to finally do something about it. After all, even as a pensioner, you still want to look crisp and healthy.

    Saskia (59)
    Berlin Tegel

    At the age of 59, I am still working full time. As a hairdresser, I sell my clients good looks and freshness. Accordingly, I also regularly go for hyaluronic acid injections and make sure that I continue to look young. At BellaDerma on Kurfürstendamm, this is completely successful, and without Botox. Not that I have anything against this kind of wrinkle treatment. However, I was advised to use microdermabrasion for my skin, and the method really hits the mark. In short, I am more than satisfied.

    Silvia (56)
    Berlin Wilmersdorf

    If I am honest, I would like to spare myself the wrinkle treatment in the mouth area. However, for professional reasons it is necessary for me to look well-groomed and young. At BellaDerma, the treatment is thoroughly natural, which is particularly important to me. Hyaluronic acid is also found in my skin and is therefore not harmful. The prices at the specialist centre are fair and absolutely affordable. I see wrinkle treatment as an investment in my professional success and I am convinced that my clients look at me with fresh and healthy skin.

    Irena (40)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    Wrinkle treatment is simply a part of my cosmetic routine. Of course, it goes without saying that I don't run to BellaDerma here in Berlin Mitte every few days, but I do have my wrinkle treatments repeated at intervals of a few months. This also has to do with the fact that I have the noticeable wrinkles removed not only in the mouth area, but also on the cheeks and under the eyes. The methods used to inject wrinkles depend on the area of skin in question. I have already had work done with microdermabrasion and fruit acid, and of course with hyaluronic acid. The BellaDerma beauty centre is not only competent, but also affordable and friendly. In this respect, my experiences have been thoroughly positive.

  • Getrud (63)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    Recently a friend asked me why I don't admit my age at 63. I answered that I do, but that I still go for wrinkle injections. Of course, even BellaDerma in Berlin Charlottenburg cannot work magic, but some treatments on my cheeks have proven to be very effective. The costs are kept within reasonable limits and the treatment is, of course, completely painless. My visits to the BellaDerma Beauty practice take place at intervals of around six months and I can only give positive testimonials.

    Stefanie (50)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    I was particularly pleased that no one at BellaDerma seems to be surprised when a man undergoes wrinkle injections. I wasn't the only one either. At first they only used Juvéderm hyaluronic acid, but a week ago I tried Botox for the first time. The result is totally positive and the treatment went quickly and without pain.

    Erika (68)
    Berlin Mitte

    My experience with BellaDerma has been positive all round. I have been coming to the specialist centre in Berlin Charlottenburg once a year for wrinkle injections from Mitte for four years now. The first time, I was still a bit nervous and didn't know exactly what to expect. My husband had given me the wrinkle treatment as a Christmas present and made me very happy. Fortunately, it was explained to me straight away that only natural hyaluronic acid would go into my cheeks. My face feels absolutely natural and the costs are also kept within reasonable limits. At least, that's what my husband says, who has been giving me the wrinkle injection every year for Christmas ever since. On top of that, the specialist centre is centrally located in Mitte and I only have to walk a few minutes.

    Gabi (53)
    Berlin Mitte

    Of course, at the age of 53 and especially with my nasolabial folds, I no longer look like my 18-year-old daughter. Nevertheless, the compliments about the resemblance do me good. Especially since my nasolabial fold injections at BellaDerma in Berlin Charlottenburg, I have been noticeably flirted with. The wrinkle injections at the beauty centre are done with natural hyaluronic acid, which is obtained in a biosynthetic process. This has the advantage that the skin never feels strange and the effect of the hyaluronic filler lasts for almost a year. Considering the sustainability of wrinkle injections, the prices are really reasonable. Above all, I know that I am getting 1a quality.

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