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Permanent hair removal

We are always pleased to receive reports of experiences that reach us by e-mail.

  • Astrid (46)
    Berlin Reinickendorf

    I was always very skeptical about the subject of permanent hair removal. Since I myself was a year and over 9 treatments at a small institute in treatment and unfortunately had very poor to no results. Many would have given up afterwards but I found my strong hair growth simply too annoying and had to fight again and again with ingrown hairs on the legs. Eventually, I gave permanent hair removal another chance. But this time with BellaDerma and the IPL 2 method. The treatment itself is a lot more pleasant and the results were visible after the first treatment! Short and sweet - BellaDerma has convinced in all points! I really recommend everyone to inform themselves well about the practice, method and equipment before the treatment. IPL is not always and everywhere equally good. I had to throw many hundreds of euros out the window until I got to the right practice.

    Katja (30)
    Berlin Tempelhof

    Since I've had my hair removed, I dare to wear shorts in the garden again. Before, my legs looked really bushy and were not a pleasant sight. The great thing about belladerma is the painless procedure. Instead of the old IPL-1, which is still used in many places, the specialist centre works with the IPL-2 method. The advantage lies in the permanence, which makes this form of treatment not only sustainable in my eyes, but also affordable.

    Jana (25)
    Berlin Schöneberg

    The worst thing was the looks from the men. If you have hair on your face, you quickly look like a man. But I can't help my facial hair. The permanent hair removal at belladerma in Berlin Charlottenburg was recommended to me by friends. The treatment involves light or a laser that scleroses the hair root. The treatment is painless, harmless and, in my experience, long-lasting. In this respect, my conclusion is positive to enthusiastic.

    Alice (37)
    Berlin Mitte

    When I first heard about permanent hair removal, I couldn't believe it. After all, I had always tried new treatments like waxing or sugaring before and spent a lot of money on them. However, the IPL laser does much more and, above all, it doesn't hurt. In my case, it took three appointments to get rid of the hair on my underarms once and for all. Now I'm thinking of having BellaDerma treat my armpits and legs as well. The bottom line is that it actually saves money that would otherwise be spent on other treatments.

  • Fatima (27)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    The permanent hair removal hurt me a bit, but I was recommended a painkilling gel by BellaDerma, which then worked. The effect of IPL is enormous. Already at the first appointment all hairs were gone and have grown back much more sparsely. Three appointments and growth phases later, my underarms were completely hair-free and smooth. Now it's the legs' turn next.

    Jörg (45)
    Berlin Kreuzberg

    Is permanent hair removal a women-only issue? Not for a long time, but of course we men have a much harder time. I decided on a gradual treatment at BellaDerma and have at least already got rid of the hair under my arms and on my chest. Because I have light to medium-light hair, several appointments were necessary. Nothing has grown back so far (about five months).

    Jasmin (31)
    Berlin Steglitz

    You can buy IPL lasers and a friend of mine has one. But the stupid thing is that she doesn't know how to use it properly and I don't dare either, especially not on my face. For this reason, I had the fuzz on my neck and lower face treated at BellaDerma. The laser is much more modern and powerful and when professionals are at work, the treatment only takes a few minutes. After four months, I'm still totally satisfied and the hair hasn't come back so far.

    Claudia (47)
    Berlin Spandau

    A woman with hair on her chin? That's not possible at all. I'm not usually a fan of epilation, but I really can't have hair on my face. Tweezers and razors have helped in the short term, but I wanted to take a long-term approach. BellaDerma relieved me of the hair in two appointments with permanent hair removal. The whole thing only took a few minutes and has lasted for more than two years now. Thank you!

  • Lydia (27)
    Berlin Zehlendorf

    Permanent hair removal - only BellaDerma comes into question for me. The reason is the comprehensive consultation and the gentle treatment. No pain, no open questions and a maximum effect. What more could you want? I was completely satisfied with BellaDerma. They know what they are doing and got rid of all the hair on my legs. Cool thing.

    Christel (42)
    Berlin Wilmersdorf

    If you need permanent hair removal, you should definitely go to a professional. My friend tried a cheap one once and got nasty burns from it. BellaDerma does it better and above all (almost) painlessly. I had hair removed from my bikini line and it hasn't grown back since. But maybe it's because I have very dark hair and quite fair skin, which is supposedly particularly easy to treat.

    Ludmilla (31)
    Berlin Friedrichshain

    When it comes to hair removal, only IPL is an option for me. At BellaDerma in Charlottenburg I know I'm in good hands and I get exactly the treatment that suits my skin type. Of course, IPL hair removal is a bit lengthy, but I always go to the same beautician and look forward to the nice conversations beforehand. The prices are also reasonable and the results are impressive. In short, my experience is absolutely positive.

    Sandra (23)
    Berlin Lichterfelde

    I first heard about IPL from my Turkish friend's mother. Her testimonials brought me to BellaDerma in Charlottenburg, which I have never regretted. Hair removal by IPL is inexpensive and is done with a special system. Since I have sensitive skin, I tolerate this form of hair removal much better than waxing or even a razor. The only disadvantage is that I don't have to go to the solarium, but I only have to wait about a day.

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