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Permanent make-up

We are always pleased to receive reports of experiences that reach us by e-mail.

  • Natascha (37)
    Berlin Spandau

    Why I travel all the way to Berlin Charlottenburg for my permanent make-up? First and foremost, it has to do with the treatment at BellaDerma. The cosmetics studio in Berlin Charlottenburg on Ku'Damm works with Conture Make-Up. I can't really explain the difference, but the result is that "woman" looks much more natural and not a bit made up. In addition, I hardly felt the treatment and my skin wasn't even red after the Conture Make-up for eyebrows.

    Alexander (25)
    Berlin Mitte

    The fact that I use permanent make-up is my little secret. I guess I know that very few men undergo beauty treatments - or at least don't like to admit it. I work as an investment advisor in Berlin. This means I have a lot of client contact and have to look good and serious even after short nights out. Thanks to permanent make-up, this is possible without any problems. At BellaDerma cosmetics studio in Berlin Unter den Linden, I liked the special treatment with Long Time Liner Conture Make-Up. It doesn't look so made-up and isn't noticeable even when you look closely.

    Ayse (38)
    Berlin Steglitz

    I'm a real beauty freak. This may sound silly now, but what I mean is that my appearance is enormously important to me. Permanent make-up saves me the effort of putting on make-up every day. I discovered the BellaDerma Cosmetic Institute in Berlin Charlottenburg while shopping on Kurfürstendamm. The special feature is that the permanent make-up is not so clearly applied and merely supports my natural beauty. When I'm out and about in Berlin, I can see from the looks on other women's faces how successful the treatment was. BellaDerma has done a wonderful job on me. Eyebrows, as well as the eyelid line look great.

    Samira (47)
    Berlin Wilmersdorf

    I am very happy with the new permanent make-up on my eyebrows. For so long I suffered from having hardly any eyebrows. Now they look very natural. It gives me a confident feeling. The team at BellaDerma was extremely friendly and professional.

  • Jasmin (29)
    Berlin Neukölln

    Hi, I had the permanent eyeliner done and the fat removal injection in the eye bags. I was very cautious because it was about the eye, but was advised in detail and now look much more alive, fresh and younger!

    Julia (42)
    Berlin Reinickendorf

    Super permanent make-up for last-minute decisions! I was very lucky that one of them cancelled. I went to Unter den Linden, saw BellaDerma, went in, the employee understood me straight away and knew how I wanted my eyebrows and now I have a super expression - thanks to super brows! Thank you, thank you and great price!

    Jasmina (48)
    Berlin Zehlendorf

    I am very busy at work and in my private life, so beauty sometimes comes too short. Especially in the morning, I often lack the time to enjoy putting on my make-up. That's why I decided to get permanent eyeliner and I haven't regretted it.

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