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If you regularly look at tired eyes when you look in the mirror, even though you are actually awake, then it could be that your eyelids are subject to the natural ageing process. The skin on your face and hands is the most exposed to negative environmental influences and ages the fastest.

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But even regular and intensive skin care alone will not stop the ageing process. It is around the eyes that a person’s true age can be seen particularly quickly.

Surgical eyelid lift

Our eyes are not only the “mirror of the soul”, as the poet says, but they are also responsible for our radiance. If you are confronted with a person with tired eyes and drooping eyelids, no matter how nice and charming he may be – something is wrong. With drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes, every face looks saggy, old and tired. You can do something about that. A small surgical correction of the eyelids or the bags under the eyes can already do a lot: you will immediately look fresher, younger and more attractive again.

What happens during the operation?

In an eyelid lift, a specialist first removes the excess skin on the eyelids (bags under the eyes) during a short surgical procedure, thereby tightening the tissue. This is a routine operation that is performed under local anaesthetic. However, if a more complex eyelid correction is desired, a relaxing operation under general anaesthesia with a short in-patient stay is an option.

Before the eyelid lift

As with all surgical procedures, good preparation helps the treatment to run smoothly. For example, you should stop smoking 3-4 days before the operation and refrain from taking anti-coagulant medication (e.g. aspirin). Further preparatory measures are not necessary.

After the eyelid lift

After any treatment, temporary irritation and slight swelling of the treated skin areas are quite natural. This is of course also true for an eyelid lift. Therefore, the area around the eyes should be cooled slightly so that the swelling goes down after a few days. You should also avoid strong movements of the eyes and eyelids after the cosmetic surgery. Sunglasses also offer good protection against bright light and prevent involuntary squinting of the eyes. After an eyelid lift, it is best to plan a few days of rest and allow yourself to relax.

Prospects for success

The chances of success for an eyelid lift are very high, because it is a small, routine operation with a great effect. An eyelid lift will give you back your youthful and fresh appearance. When performed professionally in a clinically clean and professional environment, complications and risks can be virtually eliminated. The private clinic cooperating with BellaDerma specialises in cosmetic surgery treatments and vouches for the highest quality with its many years of experience.

Consultation and preliminary talk

The cosmetic surgeons of BellaDerma in Berlin Charlottenburg and Berlin Mitte will take your personal wishes into account. You will be advised individually and also treated individually. Make an appointment now for an informative consultation without obligation.

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