Face peeling in Berlin

The choice of words is programmatic when it comes to facial peeling. Peeling means exfoliating or peeling in English. Peeling is the process of exfoliating the topmost skin particles. In principle, this cosmetic treatment in Berlin is mechanical, but there is also chemical or enzymatic peeling.

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Mechanical facial peeling

Mechanical facial peeling in Berlin involves the removal of dead skin cells with the help of small crystals or other hard particles. For example, coarse salt crystals are used, whereby special salts, i.e. sea salt or salt from the Dead Sea, are primarily used. These salts are said to have an additional caring effect. Sugar crystals are also used. Like the salts, they are water-soluble and can be easily removed. But also finest sands, stone meals, grated olive pits or apricot pits are used. In some exfoliating creams, clay or even plastic particles do the abrasive work. All these abrasives are insoluble in water and must be carefully removed.

However, mechanical facial peeling is not recommended for certain skin types and skin diseases, such as acne or rosacea, as the skin is then too stressed. Mechanical peeling removes the top layers of the skin, which is why it is often used for skin impurities, atrophic skin or scarring. However, it should not be done more than three to four times a month. Otherwise, the skin could react with stronger callus formation or become too dry. For mechanical facial peeling, gloves, for example made of goat hair, special sponges made of plastic or hemp as well as abrasive papers are also available, which work according to the same principle. However, it is not possible to apply skin care substances at the same time; this must be done in a second step.

Facial peeling through microdermabrasion

The so-called microdermabrasion is more or less a gentle sandblasting, whereby the particles are then sucked off with a vacuum. Sometimes small ceramic particles of aluminium dioxide are also blown over the skin. While mechanical peeling with creams or gloves can be done by anyone, microdermabrasion is offered by beauty institutes and dermatologists. It is more effective in the treatment of scars or pigment changes. Hornifications can be removed particularly well.

Chemical face peeling

Chemical facial peeling has the same goal as mechanical treatment. The uppermost horny skin layers are to be removed. For this purpose, agents are applied that chemically attack this layer. These can be fruit acids (fruit acid peel), trichloroacetic acid or phenolic compounds. Fruit acids (AHA – alpha hydroxy acid) etch the top layer of skin, thereby stimulating skin renewal. Due to the slight irritation, the skin usually appears rosier and even the smallest wrinkles can disappear for a short time. During treatment with trichloroacetic acid, deeper layers of the skin are also etched.

The treatment is very painful and should be performed under anaesthesia or in twilight sleep. In addition, the skin remains red for at least a week and, as with facial treatment with phenol compounds, there are definitely risks such as permanent burns, pigment disorders or even damage to deeper layers of the skin. This treatment is usually performed by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist and is intended to replace a lift.

Enzymatic facial peel

Enzymatic peeling is usually applied in the form of masks. With the help of protein-dissolving enzymes, the keratin in the uppermost layer of the skin is dissolved and can eventually be washed off easily. The method is considered very mild and risk-free. However, if used too frequently, the skin can become too dry.

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