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With increasing age, hair increasingly falls out and/or loses its natural hair colour. Hair pigmentation in Berlin is a gentle method to remedy this problem. Mind you: We are not talking about a miracle cure, but about a possibility to conceal the optical consequences of hair loss and greying with hair pigmentation in the long term.

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The possibilities are manifold and above all individual. Hair pigmentation in Berlin, for example, not only matches the pigments and hair colour, but also creates different shades to create an exact transition to the existing – healthy – hair.

How does hair pigmentation work?

As the name suggests, hair pigmentation involves the insertion of pigments under the skin. This works in different ways, whereby the natural hair course or hairline is always taken into account. The individual adjustment is done with regard to the angle as well as the density and depth. Possible areas of application are receding hairline, light or thin hair, spot and circular hair loss, diffuse hair loss as well as the development of a balding forehead.

What hair pigmentation techniques exist?

Since hair pigmentation is an individual procedure, there are also different approaches. The dot technique works with small micro-dots, which can be used to fill bald spots and bald patches. The comma technique, on the other hand, consists of tracing small hairs on the scalp, which softens their shining through. This technique is especially recommended if you still have light hair. If you wish, you can also opt for the so-called camouflage technique. This mixed technique imitates the naturally existing hair density and looks particularly real.

What should I pay attention to when having hair pigmentation in Berlin?

The be-all and end-all of hair pigmentation is the use of the right equipment. Technology is advancing enormously here and enormous effects can be achieved, especially with micro hair pigmentation. Especially in direct comparison with hair transplantation, there are both health advantages by dispensing with a surgical intervention and cost advantages. Furthermore, after hair pigmentation, expensive ointments, tinctures, nutrient solutions or creams no longer need to be used. The result of hair pigmentation is permanently visible after two to three sessions.

Procedure of a hair pigmentation in Berlin

Every hair pigmentation is preceded by an exact analysis including a consultation. At the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments, we ask about your wishes and ideas, thus avoiding the creation of false expectations. The treatment itself is completely painless, which can also be achieved by applying a local anaesthetic with a cream. All hair pigmentation at BellaDerma takes place under the strictest hygiene guidelines. The first practical step is the preliminary drawing and as soon as this is satisfactory, the actual treatment begins. The finest needles are used, which only penetrate a few millimetres into the epidermis. For up to two weeks after the treatment, the skin should not be exposed to strong UV radiation, and sports or sauna visits as well as exposure to water should be avoided if possible. We recommend the appropriate care products for this period. The effect lasts for four to six years.

Your hair pigmentation in Berlin

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