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Most athletes today shave not only their legs, but already their whole body. While full-body hair removal used to be the norm only for swimmers, it is now a natural part of hair care for cyclists, track and field athletes and many other sports. On the contrary: a lusciously hairy athlete is a rare sight today. Many recreational athletes also devote themselves with great dedication to permanent full-body hair removal.

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Hair interferes with sport

In top-class sport, fractions of a second often count. Top performances require not only the highest level of concentration and physical fitness, but also the best physical conditions and a perfect adaptation to the sport. Thus, hair in sports is not only an aesthetic issue, but often also a hygienic one. People who do a lot of sport also sweat a lot, and the less hair you have on your body, the more comfortable you feel. Without hair, the skin is smoother and more supple. Moreover, hairless athletes are even faster, whether in the water or when sprinting. Studies have clearly proven this.

Hair removal tediously done by oneself

That’s why many sportsmen and sportswomen repeat the same procedure every few weeks. They disappear into the bathroom and try to remove the regrown hair with waxing methods, wet shavers or electric epilators. Some people resort to chemical depilatory creams, which can irritate the skin and cause small pustules to form. All these techniques have two things in common: they are more or less unpleasant and they have to be repeated regularly. On top of that, the risk of injury is not exactly low when using razor blades or hot wax.

The good alternative is IPL

For some years now, there has been a professional procedure with which hair can really be removed permanently and gently: IPL. In an IPL treatment with intense pulsed light, an individual section of a broadband light spectrum is discharged in a pulsed flash over the hair region. This flash energy is absorbed by the melanin, the dark colour pigment in the hair, and – converted into heat – is conducted via the hair follicle to the root and the hair papilla. There, the heat obliterates the papilla and causes the hair to fall out. IPL is gentle and almost painless.

Several sessions for lasting success

Hair removal with IPL is only permanently successful if several sessions are repeated at a certain time interval. This is because the follicle and papilla are only connected during the growth phase of the hair. Only about 30% of all visible hairs are in this growth phase at the same time. Therefore, in order to really remove all the hairs of a body region permanently, one repeats the IPL sessions.


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