Intimate hair removal in Berlin

In contemporary fashion, a lot of body hair is rather undesirable. Let’s just think of the lady’s beard and underarm hair, the bikini line, a hairy back, hairy legs and abundant chest hair. Our ideal of beauty looks different. Smooth and supple skin looks and feels more attractive. This strengthens your own sense of well-being and automatically makes you even more attractive.

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Hair removal of the intimate zone
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Hair removal in the intimate area or bikini line

Those who take care of their body often enjoy – depending on the season – a relaxing visit to the sauna or relaxing on the sunny beach. If you show up in an Adam or Eve costume, you literally expose yourself from head to toe to the gaze of others. If your body is well-groomed and velvety soft without annoying hair, you can enjoy the appreciative glances of others. That’s why intimate shaving in particular has become a strong trend.

In summer, regular depilation of the armpits, legs and the base of the bikini line has not only become a matter of course for most women, but an unwelcome duty. How nice it would be to be able to remove these hairs permanently just once, and they would not come back.

Intimate hair removal in vogue

For some time now, permanent hair removal in the intimate area has also become popular. This automatically draws the eye to the intimate zone when naturing or taking a sauna and does not fail to have an erotic signalling effect. There are many different ways to get rid of unwanted hair. With some methods you have to start over again regularly, with other techniques permanent hair removal is possible.

History of hair removal

Pubic hair removal in the Orient

More than a thousand years ago, people in the Orient began to depilate the pubic area. Not least of all, this had very tangible hygienic reasons, because where there is no pubic hair, no bacteria or other pathogens could settle. But the history of pubic hair removal goes back much further into the past. In Mesopotamia, between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, people used plant extracts, resins and other means to get rid of unwanted hair as early as 4000 BC. Shaving the genital area was considered the ideal of beauty in ancient Egypt.

Pubic hair removal by the Greeks and ancient Romans

In Greece it was no different. Wild hair growth was considered barbaric and so a smooth and hairless body on both men and women was considered beautiful. The ancient Romans largely adopted this beauty culture and refined it further. The Roman baths were the appropriate place to have one’s hair professionally and specifically removed. For men, it was mainly the hair on the armpits, beard and legs and for women, in addition to the eyebrows, often also the pubic hair that was removed using a wide variety of methods.

Pubic hair removal today

We can continue our walk through the centuries and will discover the same ideals of beauty in all eras – through the Middle Ages to modern times. A shaved intimate area and targeted hair removal all over the body are considered particularly erotic and attractive by all cultures and at all times. The skin is smooth and supple and thus appears more delicate and well-groomed.

Today is no different. The skimpy lingerie and swimwear of our time particularly emphasise the most intimate areas of the body and are made even more beautiful by well-groomed skin. If no jungle grows out of the bikini or under the armpits, but the delicate skin stands out strikingly, the erotic effect is not absent. Smooth and firm skin is magically attractive. And so permanent laser hair removal Berlin has become an important part of modern body care.


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