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IPL laser therapy at BellaDerma

BellaDerma in Berlin offers refined and highly modern laser therapy with IPL technology. IPL, the abbreviation stands for intense pulsed light, is a broadband light technology also known as phototherapy.

The broadband laser has a much wider light wave spectrum than a common laser. With this new technology now it’s possible to cure a large variety of skin problems.

Hair removal with IPL technology

BellaDerma in Berlin is very successful in using broadband laser technology for permanent hair removal. IPL technology is totally painless and due to the broad light wave spectrum it is also extremely compatible. Therefore this light wave therapy can be used in all areas of the body where annoying hair should be removed.

Laser therapy of pigmented spots or age marks with IPL

Pigmented spots or age marks can be generated over the time – not only by an extensive sun exposure. Especially for age marks a phototherapy is a good choice. The light energy of the laser is instantly transformed into thermal energy that destroys the melanin cells. When the freshly generated scab falls off after the therapy, new rosy skin shows up and the hyperpigmentation will gradually disappear.

IPL laser therapy against spider veins

Another typical case of usage for the IPL technology is the removal of spider veins. Spider veins are nothing else than small visible veins of the legs. The visibility is caused by the remission of the elasticity of the veins when we get older. IPL technology is able to concentrate its wavelength spectrum exactly on those veins so that they are atrophied by the light energy. The therapy is absolutely painless and enables an instant and satisfying result.

Rosacea therapy with IPL

When many small red veins are visible on the face then this is called rosacea. Rosacea is caused by the remission of the elasticity of the veins over the years. Another reason for that could be a high blood pressure that overexpands the veins. Mostly rosacea can be seen on the cheeks and around the nose. Roseacea can be cured with IPL technology. Especially adjusted wavelengths of the light spectrum will cause a closure of the veins within the upper layers of the skin. The remains of those veins will be removed by the body itself and the rosacea disappears.

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