Leg hair laser treatment in Berlin

If you look at Greek vase paintings, you will notice that people are usually depicted naked and hairless, apart from the hair on their heads. Even among the ancient Greeks, body hair was considered barbaric in various epochs. Even today, there’s nothing like velvety smooth women’s legs. So what is the ideal method for removing annoying leg hair? laser hair removal in Berlin is carried out at the BellaDerma locations in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

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Removing leg hair by shaving

There are a wide variety of razors available in drugstores. Use a good quality wet razor with replaceable blades so they are always sharp and use shaving cream. For longer hairs, it is best to shave in the direction of growth to reduce the risk of injury. When the hairs grow back after a few days, shave against the direction of growth to get a smooth result. The disadvantage, however, is that the skin becomes rough or/and red, itchy pimples appear. That’s quite a high price to pay for a result that only lasts a few days, isn’t it?

Leg hair removal by waxing

You can remove unwanted hairs from a length of about 2 mm with warm or cold wax. Many women prefer warm waxing as it is said to be less painful. If you stroke against the direction of hair growth and notice a slight fuzz, this is the right time for leg waxing. Please note that the skin to be treated should not be exposed to the sun or solarium for about two days beforehand. Do not use creams or deodorants with alcohol before and after waxing. This is because dead skin cells are removed along with the hair and the areas are then particularly sensitive. By removing the hair root, the pores are opened and it is therefore quite normal for small pimples to appear after waxing. The big disadvantage of the method is that especially the warm waxing needs a lot of preparation and therefore takes time. The treatment is very painful and only lasts for a few weeks.

Hint: Baby oil – and hair stands up. If you massage your legs with baby oil before shaving, the hairs will straighten up and you can shave more cleanly. Your skin will be moisturised and the razor blade will last longer because of the extra care.

The best alternative: leg hair laser treatment with IPL

Shaving and waxing are methods that can be done at home, but they don’t last long and there are often unwanted side effects such as inflammation, ingrown hairs and pimples. In addition, waxing in particular is quite time-consuming and painful.

Laser hair removal solves the problem permanently. The laser penetrates the skin to a depth of about 5 millimetres. It is transported via the melanin, reaches the hair root, is converted to heat there and destroys the follicle that lies around the hair root. Thus, no new hair can be formed in the future.

Since the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin, intensive sun exposure should be avoided beforehand. Since a lot of melanin is destroyed in the skin during the laser treatment and this protects us from sunburn, you should not go out in the sun for a few days after the treatment.

Only hair in the growth phase has enough melanin. However, since 60-70 percent of the hair is in the resting phase, the procedure must be repeated more often, usually every 6-10 weeks, to get a completed result. Estimate about 6-8 treatments.

If you would like more information about laser depilation, we invite you to an information session at BellaDerma in Berlin. You will receive competent and professional advice. At the end of the treatment you will have permanently soft legs.


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