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We are always pleased to receive reports of experiences that reach us by e-mail.

  • Samantha (48)
    Berlin Wedding

    Lip injections are part of my regular beauty care. Unfortunately, my skin has already lost its elasticity in my mid-30s, which is why I sought professional support. At BellaDerma Unter den Linden in Berlin Mitte, I received friendly and competent advice straight away. At first I didn't even think about having my lips injected. But when I found out that only natural substances enter my body, I was convinced. At first I only had the smile lines filled in, but in the meantime my cupid's bow has also been rebuilt. I may not look like I'm in my mid-20s anymore, but at least I feel visually rejuvenated by about ten years.

    Sabine (51)

    I remember exactly how amazed my husband was when I came back from Berlin four years ago. We currently live in Magdeburg, but I'm in the capital every few months. I discovered BellaDerma by chance and, after several other treatments, I recently had my lips injected. The success can be seen and felt. Significantly more elasticity and, above all, more symmetry make me radiant again. The great thing about it is that even deep wrinkles in the mouth can be evened out by lip injections. And all that without any chemicals.

    Roswitha (66)
    Berlin Kladow

    At 66, that's when life begins". Who doesn't know this beautiful old hit song. My friends sang this song to me for my birthday and gave me a treatment at BellaDerma as a present. I only knew the studio on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin from stories and was correspondingly excited. I had already decided that I would have my lips injected. The atmosphere was very pleasant and the treatment absolutely painless. This time I only had the corners of my mouth lifted a little and the rough smile lines smoothed out. However, it may well be that I will also have a little tweaking done to my upper lip when I have my next lip injection in a year's time. Maybe I'll get that treatment as a birthday present too.

    Samantha (44)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    Why do I get my lips injected? Because I simply want to look young and healthy. At BellaDerma in Berlin Charlottenburg, lip augmentation is inexpensive on the one hand and completely harmless on the other. This is because the beauty institute works primarily with hyaluronic acid, which also occurs naturally in the body. The only problem is that the body loses hyaluronic acid with age and therefore needs to be replenished. My lip injection experiences have always been positive so far, which is due to the pleasant atmosphere but also the high level of competence of the cosmetic surgeons at BellaDerma.

  • Katrin (51)

    You can certainly also have your lips injected in Rostock. In my eyes, however, lip injections are always a matter of trust, which is why I have been travelling to BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte for several years. The testimonials of my best friend from Berlin certainly tipped the scales here and I have nothing to complain about either. The prices are absolutely fine and the treatment takes just half an hour. I then use the rest of the time to stroll around Berlin, because I usually stay overnight at my girlfriend's place and stay in the capital for the whole weekend.

    Nadia (52)
    Berlin Mitte

    Lip injections are only part of the treatment I have had at BellaDerma. My experience is particularly positive because I was advised to have my cupid's bow built up here. This refers to the area in the middle of the upper lip that gives the smile that "certain something". I take the bus to Berlin Mitte for the treatment. I have already been to the Beauty Institute Unter den Linden three times and have always been pleased with the low costs and the friendly treatment. In this respect, I will definitely come to BellaDerma again soon.

    Agnes (56)
    Berlin Westend

    From my flat in Westend, I don't have far to go to BellaDerma in Charlottenburg. I have already had my lips injected three times at the specialist centre - in addition to several other treatments. Each time I had hyaluronic acid injected, which I really appreciate because it is so natural. My experience with lip injections has been positive all round, which is not only due to the high quality of the treatment, but also to the fact that the prices are reasonable and fair. I've already told my sister all about it and convinced her to have lip injections.

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