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There may be various reasons for larger accumulations of fat cells on the upper arms, the face, thighs, tummy, hips or knees. Often the reason can be found in a genetic predisposition. Also the negative so-called “yo-yo effect” after a terminated diet has been scientifically proved today. However, regarding the reduction of fat stores and weight since many years we can look back on very positive results of a medical treatment with liposuction.

Liposuction – targeted treatment with a long-time effect

Many people that are on a diet lose weight but don’t reduce their fat stores in problematic areas yet. Everyone who has tried losing weight with a diet knows them: diet-resistant fat stores that you just cannot get rid of. Often the breasts get smaller while the thighs remain the same, smaller spots of adipose tissue are reduced and quickly one looks „harmful“ while the fat stores on the hip or the belly area remain unchanged.

For such problematic dispositions a liposuction is just the right therapy. It enables the removal of larger amounts of unwanted fat cells in problematic areas.

Liposuction – only from professional medical specialists!

Liposuction is such an effective and successful method of weight reduction that those treatments are made more and more often. Not only in the USA liposuctions are one of the most popular methods of cosmetic surgery. Also in Germany liposuction is the no. 1 choice against inordinate fat stores.

Liposuction is a surgical measure that should be made only by qualified medical specialists who have the respective experience in aesthetic surgery.

Gentle treatment with local anesthesia

Nowadays liposuctions are commonly made ambulatory. The modern gentle measures allow the operation to be made with local anesthesia. Another option is the so-called twilight sleep. If preferred, a liposuction can also be made under general anaesthetic.

Course and duration of a liposuction treatment

Before the operation the medical specialist will personally talk to you and discuss thoroughly how much and in which areas the fat stores should be reduced. Of course, those areas will then be marked clearly with a pen. After the anesthesia the specialists will make minute cuts in inconspicuous areas into which the drain tubes for the liposuction are inserted. In the next step the fat cells are dissolved and vacuumed off. During the modern method of tumescence liposuction at the same time a sodium chloride solution is injected into the subcutaneous areas of the liposuction. This solution also contains an anaesthetic and accelerates the dissolving and suction of the fat cells in that area.

Duration and tolerance of the treatment

Naturally, the length of this treatment depends on the size of the fat stores too. Normally a liposuction may take one up to four hours time. This is mostly due to the comparatively long time that one has to wait until the sodium chloride solution has dissolved the fat cells completely. However, a liposuction is an easy-going therapy because it usually waives general anaesthetic. After the operation a gauze pad helps a bit against unavoidable tumescences of the operated areas. The minute cuts do not have to be stitched, small plasters are sufficient.

Liposuction – targeted shaping for long-lasting and perfect body proportions

A liposuction can help to optimize the shape of your body and its proportions. But it is definitely not a good idea to fight overweight with a liposuction. However, a liposuction is able to remove saddlebags, a pendulous abdomen, double chin and similar problems because the removed fat cells don’t regenerate.

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