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Looking great and perfect in any life situation can become a reality with 3rd generation permanent makeup (conture makeup). Conture make-up is a further development of permanent make-up in Berlin. It should not look like a made-up face, but your natural beauty should be underlined.

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Conture make-up for lips, eyebrows, eyelid lines.


Hair drawing that perfectly imitates the natural growth of hairs. The use of a special pigmentation colour ensures a long-lasting effect.

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Hair drawing with the microshading method for denser eyebrows. Instead of lines, the permanent make-up is applied with tiny dots.

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Make-up removal

Laser treatment to remove pigmentation from the eyebrows, stimulating faster breakdown by the body through cell destruction of the pigments.

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Permanent make-up in Berlin

If you want to look beautiful and attractive, you can not avoid a good make-up, which is matched to your skin type. And so it is a daily repetitive procedure to apply one’s own make-up and to take it off again in the evening.

How nice it would be if there was a way to wear permanent makeup that permanently supports one’s own character and is matched to one’s own skin type. The solution is permanent makeup, which is selected together with you and then professionally applied to the skin in Berlin.

Long-Time-Liner Technique

Even finer than conventional techniques of permanent make-up known for several years is the new Long Time Liner permanent make-up, the professional make-up of the latest generation. Long Time Liner conture make-up no longer looks like make-up, but emphasises the natural beauty of your face and accentuates your individuality.

With a conture make-up, the finest colour pigments, which are precisely matched to your skin and make-up type, are introduced into the upper layers of the skin with a wafer-thin needle.

Your visit to the BellaDerma specialist center for aesthetic treatments in Berlin

If you would like to enjoy an aesthetic treatment in Berlin, you are on the safe side at BellaDerma. At our two locations in Berlin Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg, we perform both medical and non-medical procedures. We thus have sufficient expertise to cover the complete spectrum and are happy to be there for you all around.


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    Experience reports

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    • Natascha (37)
      Berlin Spandau

      Why I travel all the way to Berlin Charlottenburg for my permanent make-up? First and foremost, it has to do with the treatment at BellaDerma. The cosmetics studio in Berlin Charlottenburg on Ku'Damm works with Conture Make-Up. I can't really explain the difference, but the result is that "woman" looks much more natural and not a bit made up. In addition, I hardly felt the treatment and my skin wasn't even red after the Conture Make-up for eyebrows.

      Alexander (25)
      Berlin Mitte

      The fact that I use permanent make-up is my little secret. I guess I know that very few men undergo beauty treatments - or at least don't like to admit it. I work as an investment advisor in Berlin. This means I have a lot of client contact and have to look good and serious even after short nights out. Thanks to permanent make-up, this is possible without any problems. At BellaDerma cosmetics studio in Berlin Unter den Linden, I liked the special treatment with Long Time Liner Conture Make-Up. It doesn't look so made-up and isn't noticeable even when you look closely.

      Ayse (38)
      Berlin Steglitz

      I'm a real beauty freak. This may sound silly now, but what I mean is that my appearance is enormously important to me. Permanent make-up saves me the effort of putting on make-up every day. I discovered the BellaDerma Cosmetic Institute in Berlin Charlottenburg while shopping on Kurfürstendamm. The special feature is that the permanent make-up is not so clearly applied and merely supports my natural beauty. When I'm out and about in Berlin, I can see from the looks on other women's faces how successful the treatment was. BellaDerma has done a wonderful job on me. Eyebrows, as well as the eyelid line look great.

      Samira (47)
      Berlin Wilmersdorf

      I am very happy with the new permanent make-up on my eyebrows. For so long I suffered from having hardly any eyebrows. Now they look very natural. It gives me a confident feeling. The team at BellaDerma was extremely friendly and professional.

    • Jasmin (29)
      Berlin Neukölln

      Hi, I had the permanent eyeliner done and the fat removal injection in the eye bags. I was very cautious because it was about the eye, but was advised in detail and now look much more alive, fresh and younger!

      Julia (42)
      Berlin Reinickendorf

      Super permanent make-up for last-minute decisions! I was very lucky that one of them cancelled. I went to Unter den Linden, saw BellaDerma, went in, the employee understood me straight away and knew how I wanted my eyebrows and now I have a super expression - thanks to super brows! Thank you, thank you and great price!

      Jasmina (48)
      Berlin Zehlendorf

      I am very busy at work and in my private life, so beauty sometimes comes too short. Especially in the morning, I often lack the time to enjoy putting on my make-up. That's why I decided to get permanent eyeliner and I haven't regretted it.

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