Natural cosmetics - Is it always what it says?

Natural cosmetics is actually an unprotected term. Of course, many manufacturers like to adorn themselves with the label “nature”; after all, terms like organic and eco are particularly attractive in the case of food and cosmetics. You could analyse the ingredients in detail, but that requires quite a detailed knowledge. If you want to be sure that you are actually using natural cosmetics, you should look for the appropriate labelling.

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Different seals for natural cosmetics

There are various seals that consumers can rely on. These include:

It is true that the various standards differ in some details. But they still offer consumers a point of reference. Natural cosmetics are then one hundred percent free of petroleum products, contain no synthetic fragrances, the raw materials are basically of plant, mineral or animal origin (however, no raw materials from dead animals are used, such as fresh cells or animal fats) and no animal testing is carried out. Depending on the standard, the plant-based raw materials come at least for the most part from organic source material.

Natural cosmetics have special production processes

Natural cosmetics are also characterised by special manufacturing processes that are designed to preserve the valuable ingredients. These include physical processes such as extraction, enzymatic or natural microbiological processes. The specification of all these factors serves to ensure the quality of natural cosmetics and thus to protect consumers from cheap fellow products or imitators. However, non-certified natural cosmetics can of course also be “genuine” and have the typical benefits. In this case, as mentioned above, safety is provided by the precise control of the ingredients.

Natural cosmetics cover the whole range. Decorative cosmetics, make-up, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick can be found just as much as body care and hair care products, hair colour, dental care products or sun protection. Whether shampoo for the whole family, body lotion or hand cream: with natural cosmetics, the focus is always on sustainability and responsibility for people and the environment.

Where can I buy natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are available everywhere today. A market study has shown that more than half of the customers buy their natural cosmetics in drugstores. On the other hand, almost four out of ten buyers cover their needs in pharmacies, organic markets, health food shops or cosmetic studios. Discounters still have a market share of twenty percent. However, the market share of natural cosmetics in the total market is probably larger. Of the good eleven billion Euros spent on cosmetics in 2005, only 770 million were spent on natural cosmetics. Yet the users of natural cosmetics are not only doing something good for themselves, they are also actively protecting the environment with their consumption.

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