Permanent hair removal with epilux sp

Enormous scientific and economic interests have been aroused by the business of hair removal using IPL2. In the lay press, manufacturers and users publish reports promising fast, painless hair removal with few side effects using IPL 2.

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Almost every IPL-2 manufacturer, but more importantly almost every user, claims to use the most effective and innovative system. For the patient the offer becomes more and more confusing, statements and promises cannot be checked by the patient for their accuracy.

epiluxsp hair removal and studies

To be on the safe side, there should be clinical studies on the system used. The studies should make detailed, scientific statements about the system used for safe and permanent hair removal. Many providers as well as many manufacturers adorn themselves in their advertising campaigns with independent clinical studies, but do not say a word about the fact that these studies only concern a specific IPL-2 system (Epilux). The only IPL-2 hair remover system that can prove a long-term study is the Epilux SP. The Epilux has a worldwide unique dual-mode filtering technology that provides gentle and permanent hair removal.

Permanent hair removal with Squarepulse technology

Squarepulse technology has been developed for maximum success. Thanks to this innovation, it is now possible for the light energy emitted to rise immediately to the medically necessary level and then drop back to zero in a flash. The Squarepuls technology is of high importance for IPL hair removal. This is for two reasons:

  1. Through the Squarepuls technology, the success of the treatment is significantly increased, because one no longer has to avoid the danger of the necessary energy level.
  2. The Squarepuls technology considerably minimises the risks of undesired side effects.

In order to realise this square pulse, two requirements have to be met: Firstly, the capacitors, as the battery for the current pulse, must be large enough, and secondly, the triggering of this current pulse must be controlled and monitored by the very powerful and therefore technically very complex start/stop mechanism. Since this outstanding cutting-edge technology has a high purchase price, many providers unfortunately now invest in advertising campaigns instead of high-quality tested treatment devices.


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