Cosmetic surgery in Berlin

Our cosmetic surgeons are renowned specialists in plastic surgery and have many years of experience, so that you are in good hands with us and can receive comprehensive advice. They guarantee a result with which you will be very satisfied and offer a wide range of plastic surgery.


A usually minor surgical procedure to lift the face in order to radiate more youthfulness and freshness again. Nowadays, this is a routine procedure.

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Breast enlargement

Modern breast implants have a shape that matches the female breast. They are easy to insert and act like invisible pads. The result is a completely natural look.

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Breast reduction

If the breasts are too large or heavy, or have lost firmness, surgery can help. After a breast reduction or breast lift, your breasts will be firmer and tighter again.

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Eyelid tightening

A specialist removes excess skin from the eyelids or bags under the eyes to tighten the tissue. You will immediately look fresher, younger and more attractive.

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Sutures from surgery can be used to lift and tighten sagging structures. Helps with wrinkles, facial tightening, facial contouring, cheekbone augmentation and neck tightening.

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Ear correction

It is possible to correct protruding ears or to reduce ears that are too large or to build up defective auricles using ear implants. These are small, low-risk procedures.

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Under general anaesthetic, a small incision is made in the lower abdomen where it is not very visible. The abdominal muscles are then carefully exposed and the excess fatty tissue is removed.

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Removal of subcutaneous fatty tissue by liposuction is possible on all regions of the body. Typical regions are the face, the chin-neck region, upper arms, abdomen, thighs and many others.

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Cryolipolysis is the treatment of fat with the help of frost or cold temperatures. A gentle vacuum between two cooling panels shrinks fat cells through controlled inflammation.

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The BellaDerma Specialist Centre works with a renowned private clinic that guarantees optimal care and the highest quality due to its many years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Costs and prices

The costs for most cosmetic surgery treatments can only be determined individually.
Please contact us for a personal consultation.


Treatment Price
Lower abdomen 200 €
Upper abdomen 200 €
Lower abdomen and upper abdomen 300 €
Hips Both 300 €
Thighs Both 300 €
Riding pants Both sides 300 €
Upper arms Both sides 300 €

Thread lifting

Treatment Price
Eyebrows / eyebrow lift Two threads total 600 €
Middle face Four threads in total 1200 €
Lower jaw Four threads total 1200 €
Cheeks and cheekbones Two threads total 600 €
Complete face lift Facelift, three threads on each side 1800 €
Neck lift Two threads 600 €

In case of thread lifting of several body regions, the treatment price is determined individually during a personal consultation. The medical consultation is free of charge and without obligation for you.

Our prices are inclusive of VAT.
Cosmetic surgery consultation is free of charge for you.

Book an appointment for a consultation

The medical staff of trained specialists, beauticians and alternative practitioners are happy to advise you on the possible treatments. The consultation is non-binding and free of charge. Call us on +49/30/88 92 92 20.

Further topics


Carbon dioxide, which has been used as an anti-ageing agent since the 1990s, is injected in tiny amounts directly under the skin.

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Eyelid lift without surgery

Exposure to heat triggers a lasting tightening of the skin. The smallest skin injuries lead to a natural regeneration.

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Vampire Lifting

Treatment with the patient's own blood plasma injected into the skin with small needles stimulates the body's own production of elastin and collagen.

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