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The sun is burning. The holiday season is here. Many people are now drawn to the beach, the open-air swimming pools or the sunbathing lawn. Now, at the latest, the last clothes come off and you look like Adam and Eve. Who wouldn’t want to cut a good figure and make a well-groomed appearance in this situation?

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One’s own attractiveness is enhanced by the new swimming costume, but when wool oozes out of the skimpy panties, it can sometimes attract unwanted glances. Nowadays, regular care of the body hair is also part of skin and body care. This also and especially does not stop at pubic hair. Hair removal is increasingly becoming a beauty standard and simply gives the good feeling of an all-round well-groomed and attractive appearance.

Methods of pubic hair removal

Pubic hair removal is the removal of hair from the pubic (genital) area. The methods of pubic hair removal are either temporary or permanent. However, extensive shaving and waxing is quite an unpleasant and repetitive procedure, especially in the intimate area. But there is a good, quick and permanent alternative: IPL treatment.

Hair removal in the pubic area with IPL or laser

In pubic hair removal with IPL or laser, the hair in the pubic area (genital area) is permanently removed by flashing the intimate area to be treated with a hand-held device. This flash emits a broadband pulsed light whose wavelengths are precisely matched to the characteristic of the hair. IPL works best with brown and dark hair. IPL is not suitable for blond hair. The flash light is absorbed by the melanin, the colour pigment of the hair, and converted into thermal energy (heat). It is then conducted inwards through the hair coat (the hair follicle) to the hair root. There, the heat obliterates the follicle. The pubic hair falls out and does not grow back for a long time.

The treatment for pubic hair removal is repeated several times because the hair in the growth phase and the follicle must be connected to the root in order to be sclerosed. But after just a few IPL sessions you can enjoy the good feeling of a permanently hairless bikini area.

Pubic hair removal with IPL or laser in Berlin at BellaDerma

If you would like to learn more about IPL or laser pubic hair removal in Berlin and the versatile possibilities of permanent hair removal, simply contact us and arrange a non-binding consultation. We look forward to your call.


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