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Removal of plantar warts Berlin

Removing stalk warts can be done easily and gently nowadays. In the past, the growths were sometimes literally “tied off”, which was accompanied by significant inflammatory reactions. This approach is not advisable, nor is self-treatment. It is better to place yourself in the professional hands of BellaDerma and rely on a gentle and painless treatment.

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What are petiole warts?

The name pedunculate warts seems a little misleading, because in medical terms they are not warts, but fibromas. These connective tissue tumours are usually absolutely harmless and are estimated to affect about half of the population. They can be recognised quickly and reliably by a dermatologist, although the tumours can be round or elongated, skin-coloured or darker. Moreover, stalk warts appear both alone and in groups and are usually between two and ten millimetres in size.

Where do plantar warts appear?

Some people do not have a problem with plantar warts and do not have them removed. However, this can change if sensitive areas of the body are affected. Examples are all the regions where people sweat a lot, like the armpits or the loin area. Here, friction can cause inflammation. Also disturbing are stalk warts on the eyelid. Removal from the face, neck or décolleté is also recommended for cosmetic reasons.

What are the triggers for plantar warts?

Stylet warts are not true warts and are therefore not contagious. As with age-related warts, the origin of fibroids has not yet been researched in detail. On the one hand, a genetic influence is suspected, on the other hand, the presence of more body fat with increasing age. Areas of the body where the skin tissue is particularly soft are especially affected.

How can plantar warts be removed in Berlin?

It is possible to have plantar warts removed in Berlin without any problems. Self-treatment is not advisable, as there is almost always a large blood vessel inside the fibroma. In other words, the affected area can bleed heavily if not treated properly. Treatment with a laser is better, as it virtually eliminates the possibility of new growth. Furthermore, laser treatment is almost painless and has virtually no side effects.

Treating plantar warts with T-AWAY

The T-AWAY method, which is also used successfully in other areas, is particularly efficient. It is a coagulation system that works in USHF (Ultra Short High Frequency). Specifically, the method is based on the fact that current pulses are emitted at a high frequency and converted into a heat pulse. Mind you: the causes of the stalk warts cannot be removed, but their annoying and unsightly appearance can.

Removing plantar warts in Berlin

If you would like to have plantar warts removed in Berlin, we at BellaDerma are at your disposal. Our specialist centre for aesthetic treatments is available at two locations. Visit us in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm or in Berlin-Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße. We will also be happy to provide you with information by telephone.


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