Removal of spider veins in Berlin

Spider veins – what is it really?

Spider veins are small expanded veins that mostly can be seen on the legs. Those finest blood vessels can expand and become visible because of a vascular weakness. Basically speaking, spider veins are but a very small and harmless kind of varicosity. In contrast to real varicosities spider veins are not dangerous. Still many afflicted people regard them as a cosmetic problem. Spider veins tend to become more when we get older.

Inelastic blood vessels and a weak conjunctive tissue encourage the generation of spider veins. It can also be promoted by too much sitting, standing, or overweight but also by smoking or continual clothing that is too tight.

Sclerotherapy against spider veins

Spider veins are built only in the top layers of the skin; those congested finest blood vessels show through and become visible. There are many different methods to get rid of spider veins. However, there is no medical reason for the removal of spider veins. Spider veins can be atrophied just like varicosities. However, this so-called sclerotherapy is still perceived as quite unpleasant by the afflicted patients. Alcohol is injected with a fine needle right into the spider veins. The alcohol is disseminated and causes an adherence and inflammation of the blood vessels. After the congestion of the small vessels they are destructed and removed by the body itself.

Removal of spider veins with IPL technology

IPL, an innovative light technology, is a highly efficient therapy for spider veins. The wavelength of the emitted light of this intense pulsed light technology is exactly adjusted to the goal of treatment: the spider veins. The caloric energy that has been produced by the IPL light inside the veins causes the coagulation of the blood. For this purpose a temperature of about 60°C is sufficient already. The coagulated blood congests the capillaries; after a while they will be aspirated from the body. After that degeneration of the expanded blood vessels the spider veins are invisible.

Atrophy of spider veins with T-Away

Besides other methods, BellaDerma is also offering the atrophy of spider veins with the T-Away method. This is a special therapy with high frequency electric impulses (USHF, Ultra Short High Frequency) that are conducted onto the afflicted areas of the skin. This therapy leads to a local heat build-up of the areas and the veins. The atrophied blood vessels will be degenerated by the body after a while. T-Away allows a painless and effective removal of spider veins.

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