Rosacea therapy in Berlin

Rosacea – Causes and origin

Small red veins in the face – everyone knows them, especially after the sauna or after a big coldness. If they don’t disappear again after a while, dermatologists call them rosacea. Rosacea mostly arises in the face.

In other words, the symptoms of rosacea are fine expanded blood vessels in the face where the blood is congested and makes them shine through the skin. They can shimmer either in red or violet depending on the type of the extended vein. For rosacea mostly occurs in the face, in the first place on the cheeks and around the nose, it is often regarded as disturbing by the afflicted people.

Rosacea therapy with IPL – long-lasting and painless

If one suffers from a light version of rosacea it still can be easily covered by a make-up. But only an IPL therapy guarantees a permanent removal of rosacea. IPL is known as a further development of laser technology. Particularly it is almost painless and promises a long-lasting effect.

Course of a rosacea treatment

During an IPL session the fine expanded blood vessels are treated with light of a special wavelength that is emitted from a „flash light“ device. The generated thermal energy makes the blood inside the vein coagulate and congest the vessel. The body itself is able to degenerate those congested vessels in a natural way and makes the red veins invisible again.

Just after a few days the long-lasting effect of the treatment is visible. For some kind of expanded vessels the IPL session should be repeated whilst other veins have disappeared just after one session already.

Number of rosacea sessions

Of course the number of necessary sessions depends on the different kind of symptoms. But generally speaking, you can expect that depending on the degree of rosacea about 1–4 sessions should be sufficient for rosacea while „crow´s feet“ often have been removed after one single session already.

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