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Ultherapy Berlin

Ultherapy is a relatively new procedure that – according to its name – works on the basis of ultrasound. In some places, this anti-ageing procedure is already considered the best alternative to surgical lifting.

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In fact, in 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Ultherapy® as the only non-invasive lifting procedure to date. A number of Hollywood stars have already treated themselves to Ultherapy® and in Berlin, too, Ultherapy® is the talk of the town. Especially the combination with Botox and fillers like hyaluronic acid is possible without any problems.

Ultherapy as an alternative to surgery

Ultherapy is always the first choice when surgery is not required. Instead of surgery, Ultherapy is effective for both slight and moderate sagging of the tissue and makes wrinkles disappear. In addition, Ultherapy is also used in body regions such as the neck and décolleté, and the upper arms and drooping eyelids can be treated, which is not easily possible with injections. The so-called “hamster cheeks” are perfect to counteract with Ultherapy.

In which body regions is Ultherapy used?

Admittedly: Not all areas of the body can be treated with Ultherapy. However, perfect areas of application are sagging eyebrows and drooping eyelids as well as the entire face, neck and décolleté area. The jaw can also be given more contours and sagging cheeks or a flabby neck can also be treated. The same applies to the upper arms.

Ultherapy procedure

Ultimately, Ultherapy does nothing other than stimulate the natural regeneration and repair process of the skin. For this purpose, ultrasound is used, which heats deeper skin layers or the subcutis, i.e. the lower connective tissue, and thus stimulates healing and the formation of new collagen. The skin is thus renewed from the deeper layers and regains a youthful and fresh appearance. The designation as an alternative to lifting results from this very effect.

What are the side effects?

So far, no side effects have been reported with Ultherapy, as it is a non-invasive method. After the treatment, the patient can return to everyday life immediately. Only in a few cases are the treated skin areas a little reddened due to the heat and should be cooled. However, the effect disappears quickly.

Ultherapy at BellaDerma in Berlin

At the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments, we regularly carry out Ultherapy in Berlin. You are welcome to visit us at one of our two central locations. You will find us in Berlin Mitte on the corner of Unter den Linden / Friedrichstraße and in City West, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm.


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