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Besides the permanent hair removal therapies with the Epilux technology, alternatively we also offer other effective ways for a time limited hair removal – for a heavenly plain and smooth skin for up to four weeks. May we offer a Waxing with warm wax? Or would you rather prefer a hair removal with sugaring? We are happy to give you advice – the choice is up to you!
Depending on how sensitive your skin is and what parts of the body should be made “hairless”, we recommend the following hair removal methods:

Waxing – hair removal with warm wax

For a hair removal with warm wax BellaDerma uses a variety of special warm wax products. Our products use only the best quality waxes available on the beauty market. Depending on hair structure, area of the skin and skin type we select optimal products that can guarantee for an effective and indulgent therapy.
After the warm wax has been attached to the skin and cooled down, it will be removed again from the skin – with special liner – together with the hair and its hair roots. A ground preparation of the skin and a finishing skin care help to make the skin more absorptive, lets the hair become softer and the hair roots more relaxed. All that together makes the hair removal as soft as possible.

Sugaring – original oriental style hair removal with sugar paste

Hair removal with sugar paste is part of the common everyday body care of the orient. Since centuries both women and men let remove unwanted hair by this method. But also in Germany the hair removal with sugar paste becomes more and more popular. This therapy is much more indulgent and pleasant than other hair removal treatments and it can be made on all parts of the body.
Sugar paste consists of 100% natural products. The golden yellow paste is kneaded into a smooth mass and then applied to the skin. With a well experienced finger technique the unwanted hair will be removed without breaking them. Also dead danders stick to the sugar paste so that this sugaring treatment has a soft peeling effect to the skin too!
After only a few sessions both methods lead to a remarkably finer structure of the newly growing hair. Stubble generation or ingrowing hair are problems of the past!
In order to avoid unnecessary pain or damage to the skin a warm wax (waxing) or sugar paste (sugaring) therapy should only be made by experienced personnel.

The following advice should be considered before and after a waxing or sugaring:

The skin should be healthy and neither be irritated or damaged.
24 hours before and after the therapy you should not expose the skin to direct sunlight and should avoid the solarium.
Right after the therapy please avoid the direct contact with skin irritating or perfumed skin care products (e.g. body lotions or deodorants).
The hair that shall be removed should have a length of about 1 cm in order to be captured by the warm wax or the sugar paste. Please avoid shaving the hair for about 2-3 weeks before the treatment.
The result will be a silky-soft and hairless skin – you will be excited!

Making an appointment for waxing or sugaring

Our dedicated team will be available for your questions and problems.

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