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Removing pigment spots and age spots Berlin

Pigment spots or age spots (lentigo solaris or senilis) are brownish, lenticular spots on the back of the hands, on the forearms and on the face. They appear on areas of the skin that are frequently exposed to the sun (also called sun spots). The removal of pigment spots in Berlin is carried out by our skin experts in Berlin Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg as well as in Berlin Mitte.

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How do age spots or pigment spots develop?

Due to years of sun exposure, there is an increase in pigment cells, the so-called melanocytes, and thus also an increased formation of pigment in the epidermis. This increased pigment then appears as a brownish spot. Age spots or sun spots are found on areas of the skin that have been exposed to the sun very frequently. They appear as smaller spots, no more than a few centimetres in size, with a partly varying brownish hue. Age spots lie at the skin level and are not raised. Unlike birthmarks, age spots usually develop after the age of 40. In contrast to black skin cancer, age spots are also not fringed, but are sharply outlined in relation to the surrounding area. Age spots, especially if they occur in large numbers on the face or on the back of the hand, can be extremely cosmetically disturbing for the person affected.

How are age spots and pigment spots treated?

The removal of pigment spots is not necessary from a medical point of view, as they are harmless and remain so. However, if you want to have them removed for cosmetic reasons, the only way to achieve an improvement so far has been to use bleaching creams. Their active ingredients reduce the production of the pigment melanin in the deeper layers of the skin in different ways. However, the treatment results are usually not satisfactory. The BellaDerma specialist centre treats age spots with the Focus lens combination or with the IPL method.

Laser treatment of pigmentation spots with Picosure®.

The Picosure® pico-laser is the most modern way of removing pigmentation spots. Like hardly any other technology, the picosecond technology convinces with its progressiveness. Comparisons with the hybrid drive in vehicles or the super-fast mobile internet are obvious, whereby the application areas of PicoSure® are in the field of apparative aesthetics. It works with various lenses that refract the light in a special way and guide it to the target.

The technology behind the Picosure® picosecond laser is groundbreaking. It works with energy pulses that have an effect on the skin of just one trillionth of a second. PicoSure® also sets standards with regard to the width of the pulse and achieves values of just one hundredth of the previously established laser technology. The result is a particularly intensive effect based on photomechanics. A direct comparison with the frequently used Q-switch lasers in the nanosecond range reveals considerable advantages.

Removing pigment spots with IPL-2 technology

Here, a special light pulse is emitted onto the affected area. The light is absorbed by the melanin (colour pigment). A heat conversion process occurs. The melanin is selectively destroyed by the targeted heating. As the pigment spots or age spots have a higher content of melanin than the surrounding tissue, the skin is not damaged in this process. A few hours after the treatment, the pigment spots darken (“dirty look”). About 3-7 days after the treatment, a superficial scab forms, the pigments begin to rise to the surface of the skin and after about 3-4 weeks they are rejected by the body in the natural process of skin renewal.

Duration of treatment and side effects

In order to achieve an optimal treatment result for sun spots, one to three treatments are necessary – depending on the degree of sun damage to the skin. With the gentle “non-ablative” method, there is neither drying of the skin nor scarring.

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The term pigment spot (medically Chloasma or Melasma) is a generic term for dark skin spots. The following terms are also used in this context: Brown spots, liver spots, port-wine stains, age spots, age warts, pigmentations, birthmarks, freckles, sun spots, café-au-lait spots, hyperpigmentations, pigment disorder. If you are experiencing any of these skin conditions, then arrange a free, no obligation consultation now.


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