Removing bags under the eyes in Berlin

As a rule, it is the eyes that give our face expression – or not. Tired eyes with puffy lids and bags under the eyes reduce our attractiveness and gnaw heavily on our self-esteem. Many people just accept it and resign themselves to their new, permanently tired face.

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Fatalism doesn’t have to be. You can do something about bags under your eyes. It’s not that difficult to make your face look more lively and fresh again.

Fat-removal injection for bags under the eyes

The secret of disappearing bags under the eyes lies in the “fat-away injection”, a procedure that has been successfully used in Germany for many years for the targeted reduction of excess fat cells. Fat cells are found almost everywhere in our body. Our genetic programme ensures that fat cells are more abundant in some places and less abundant in others. The body controls the breakdown of fat cells through the body’s own active substances, lecithins. With injection lipolysis, as the fat removal injection is also called, the body’s own active ingredient, phosphatidylcholine (PPC for short), is injected into the problem area and can do its work there, the fat removal.

Tear sacs: Procedure of the treatment

When the active ingredient contained in the clinical drug Lipostabil is injected into the bags under the eyes with an extremely thin injection needle, the excess fat melts there and the bags under the eyes almost disappear by themselves. Lipostabil has been used successfully in Germany for several decades as a means of preventing thrombosis after operations and is very well tolerated because it works with the body’s own active ingredients. Thus, for many years now, the fat-away injection has been regarded as a quick and effective solution against unwanted fat deposits all over the body and thus, of course, also against bags under the eyes.

BellaDerma: Your contact for fat removal injections in Berlin

If you would like to find out more about the possible applications of the Fat Away Injection Berlin or in general about Removing riding breeches, Reducing belly fat or Tightening upper arms, please contact us. Even in the latter cases, quick, visible results can be achieved with the fat removal injection. We will be happy to advise you.


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