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Permanent hair removal with the diode laser can be applied to almost all areas of the body and is used in particular on the armpits, arms and legs as well as on the chest and back. Hair removal with the Medio-Star diode laser is also possible in the intimate area, bikini line and on the face. Laser hair removal in Berlin is carried out at the BellaDerma locations in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

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Permanent hair removal

What is the diode laser treatment process?

Once you have decided on permanent laser hair removal at the BellaDerma Specialist Centre for Aesthetic Treatments in Berlin, we first conduct a comprehensive consultation. Because we use the tried and tested Medio-Star diode laser, all skin types can be treated. In addition, due to the wavelength of 800 nm, even very deep-rooted hairs can be removed efficiently. In addition, the area on which the laser treatment takes place is quite large at nine square millimetres, which means that a faster result is achieved. The duration of the laser hair removal in Berlin varies, depending on the body area. For example, if it is only a question of annoying hair on the upper lip, you can leave our treatment rooms after just ten minutes.

Is it really permanent hair removal?

The special feature of hair removal with the diode laser is of course its permanence. After a certain point, you will never need another treatment and can confidently put the subject of body hair to rest. Why is this so? Quite simply because the laser light acts directly on the hair pigment melanin. The resulting heat is conducted to the hair roots, whereupon they are destroyed. Further hair growth is prevented once and for all.

Because Laser hair removal in Berlin only works when the hair is in the growth phase, there may be several treatment appointments. The reason for this is that there must be a connection between the hair and the hair root. Therefore, expect that an appointment may have to be repeated after 4 to 8 weeks. The advantage, however, is that you will already see a clear result after the first laser hair removal and this will increase with each time. In general, a maximum of eight, often significantly fewer, appointments is assumed.

Is diode laser hair removal suitable for me?

Basically, the diode laser is suitable for all skin and hair types. However, those with fair skin and dark hair have an advantage. The reason for this is the higher concentration of melanin, so that a better heat conduction into the hair roots can take place. With blond or even white hair, there is simply less dye, which is why the effect is weakened a little. Before depilation with the diode laser, however, we always carry out an exact analysis of your skin and body hair. On this basis, we then choose the best method for permanent hair removal.

Diode laser, IPL or a combination of both technologies?

The BellaDerma specialist centre in Berlin is well equipped so that we can use optimal technology for your hair and skin type. A combination of the two systems IPL 2 and diode laser is also possible in order to achieve the best treatment results in hair removal. In a free consultation, we will make an individual treatment plan for you. Make your treatment appointment for IPL hair removal in Berlin!

Laser hair removal at BellaDerma in Berlin

We are pleased to welcome you to the BellaDerma specialist centre for cosmetic treatments. We perform laser hair removal in Berlin at two central locations. You will find us in Berlin-Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße and in Berlin Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm. We will be happy to answer all your questions in advance – without obligation and free of charge.


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