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Laser hair removal

The specialist center BellaDerma is on the cutting edge of permanent hair removal and uses the latest laser, IPL and electro / needle epilation techniques. For laser hair removal in Berlin we use the Alexandrite laser, diode laser or Nd:YAG laser to serve all skin & hair types.

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The world's best devices for laser hair removal

The advanced technology of our laser equipment combines precision with efficiency, which allows us to achieve optimal results. Each treatment is customized to the specific skin and hair type to ensure the best results. The high standard of our equipment, accompanied by our expertise, guarantees safe and effective treatment.

It is important for us that our clients are not only convinced by the results, but also find the process pleasant and safe. By meeting CE and FDA standards, we ensure that our equipment always meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Not only is our equipment state-of-the-art, but it also leads the laser hair removal industry in safety and effectiveness.

When you choose our clinic, you are choosing top-of-the-line technology and first-class service. We are proud to serve our clients with the most advanced solutions in laser hair removal.



The laser targets the dark pigment of the hair directly to destroy it at the root. The heat of the focussed laser beam destroys the hair root. The sessions are short and you will soon be one step closer to hair-free skin.

Treatment methodsfor permanent hair removal

In Berlin, our permanent hair removal institute is at the forefront of the industry thanks to its state-of-the-art laser, IPL and needle epilation systems. Only a few practices in Germany have the full range of methods for permanent hair removal.

  • The ALEXANDRIT laser is ideal for people with fair skin and light hair.
  • The DIODEN laser is specialized for darker and deeper hair roots.
  • The YAG laser is especially suitable for people with dark or tanned skin.
  • While laser technologies are often developed for specific skin and hair types, IPL can treat a wider range of skin and hair types.


for light skin types

DIODEN laser

for medium skin types

YAG laser

for darker skin types

With the help of our multiple laser technologies – Alexandrite, Dioden and YAG Laser – we can precisely address each skin and hair type, from light blonde to jet black.

We use the most modern equipment, whose innovative cooling systems ensure a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Treatment process
  • The laser aims directly at the dark pigment of the hair to destroy it at the root.
  • The sessions are short and you will soon be one step closer to hair-free skin.
  • You can resume your usual activities immediately after the treatment.
  • After about 2 to 3 weeks the treated hair will start to fall out.

You will notice a difference after the first few treatments. Less and less hair will grow back. For lasting results, several sessions must be carried out.

Before treatment
  • Sun protection is mandatory! Avoid direct sunlight and visits to the solarium for up to 14 days before the laser treatment.
  • No hair removal! Avoid waxing, sugaring or plucking for at least 4 weeks before the first laser treatment, as this makes the hair roots inaccessible to the laser.
  • Shaving recommended! Shave the areas to be treated 1–2 days before the treatment to enable a more efficient treatment.
  • Personal hygiene! Pay attention to personal hygiene so that both you and your practitioner feel comfortable during the session.
After treatment
  • No alternative hair removal methods! You should refrain from waxing, sugaring and plucking during the entire treatment period.
  • Be careful when shaving! You can shave between treatments, but you should avoid shaving for 48 hours after the treatment to prevent skin irritation.
  • Protect from the sun and heat! Protect your skin for 14 days after the treatment and avoid going to the sauna immediately afterwards to prevent skin discolouration.
  • Take care of your skin! If your skin feels tight or dry, we recommend cooling and skin-soothing care products such as aloe vera.

Laser hair removal in Berlin at two central locations. You will find us in Berlin-Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner Friedrichstraße as well as in Berlin Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner Kurfürstendamm.

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Frequently asked questions about permanent hair removal

Laser hair removal costs in Berlin

The costs for a laser hair removal in Berlin are calculated from the extent
of the treatment and the size of the treated body area

15 % discount for choosing of 3 treatment zones
20 % discount for choosing of 4 or more treatment zones
additional 10 % discount for trainees and students!
The consultation for permanent hair removal is free of charge.

Book an appointment for a consultation

The medical staff of trained specialists, beauticians and alternative practitioners are happy to advise you on the possible treatments. The consultation is non-binding and free of charge. Call us on +49/30/88 92 92 20.

Experience reports

We are always pleased to receive reports of experiences that reach us by e-mail.

  • Auguste W.
    Google review

    Very effective treatments with superb results. I have tried various other providers before and have always been disappointed before. Also, the staff is great - very professional but at the same time very personal and warm. I can wholeheartedly recommend BellaDerma.

    Antje M.
    Google review

    Great clinic. Attractively furnished and very friendly staff. I had Botox treatment done and am very pleased. The consultation beforehand was very informative and the treatment itself extremely professional and effective. The result is really impressive. I can really recommend the BellaDerma specialist centre and will definitely come again.

    Erika R.
    Google review

    Professional hair removal at an excellent price. I’ve got the recommendation from my cousin and I was not disappointed. Top advice and super staff. The five stars are fully deserved.

    Susi H.
    Google review

    Super nice service, classy explanations, I can recommend it without having a bad conscience, my new appointment is ready.

  • Nuhi (30)
    Berlin Weißensee

    I never thought it was possible to remove hair forever. I have always shaved my back, shoulders and upper arms. As this is totally annoying and time-consuming I looked around for a permanent method. In the end, I came across BellaDerma, which left me with the best impression. My questions were answered in detail during the consultation. After 2 treatments I already have much thinner hair and have been completely rid of hair for a long time between the treatment phases. I will continue with the treatments and hope to never have to shave again soon.

    Christel (30)
    Berlin Charlottenburg

    Years ago I tried permanent hair removal with laser on holiday and I am overjoyed to have found a competent team in this field in Berlin. The bikini area in particular should look well-groomed and tidy on women and I can only recommend BellaDerma.

    Anne (22)
    Berlin Mitte

    I was recommended this practice by a friend and I am so grateful! The results are impressive and the staff is so warm and professional to all concerns. A real feel-good experience through laser hair removal.

    Atessa (47)
    Berlin Steglitz

    What I liked about BellaDerma was the good advice. The first time I went there, I was sent away again because I was in the tanning salon all the time during that time. But the skin should not be too dark. At a later date, however, it worked out and the hair on my legs was removed in several appointments without leaving any residue. In the meantime I can tan again and I am very satisfied.

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