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Couperose Treatment Berlin

Couperosis and rosacea are irreversible dilatations of capillary vessels and postcapillary tiny veins that show through the epidermis. Such vascular dilatations can be primarily congenital or secondarily acquired. Couperosis is a permanent dilatation of the veins and not a bursting of the veins as is often assumed. Doctors often use the term teleangiectasia for dilated veins. It is mostly located in the facial area. Couperose treatment in Berlin is performed at the BellaDerma locations in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg with IPL or laser.

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Treatment of couperose with IPL 2 or Medio-Star diode laser

The BellaDerma specialist center treats couperose with the Medio-Star diode laser or with the IPL method. Our IPL system and Medio-Star diode laser offer an effective and, above all, gentle way to treat couperosis, rosacea and other vascular problems or vasodilatation or telangiectasia quickly and effectively. The IPL method is particularly suitable for extensive redness, while the Medio-Star diode laser is the most modern method of couperose treatment for all other manifestations. Like hardly any other technique, the Medio-Star technology convinces through its progressiveness.

Treatment procedure

The intensely pulsed light closes the affected dilated veins. During this IPL or laser treatment, the hemoglobin (red blood pigment) absorbs the intensely pulsed light and converts it into heat. At a temperature of 60-65 degrees Celsius, blood coagulation is achieved. The affected dilated veins close. Then, due to a white blood cell type, 1-3 days later, the residual components of the blood in the body are broken down and an improvement in the skin condition is clearly visible.

How long does a couperose or rosacea treatment take?

A couperose treatment in Berlin takes about 15 minutes. Vascular dilatations in the face such as couperosis and rosacea require about 1-3 treatments, depending on their severity. Spider nevi often disappear after just one session. In most cases, initial results are visible after the first session. There is no downtime due to the treatment. Therefore, you can return to your usual activities immediately after the couperose treatment.

Laser, IPL or a combination of both techniques

Good to know – the BellaDerma specialist center in Berlin has various treatment systems for the treatment of couperose. After individual consultation and assessment of your skin and dilated veins, we decide which system to use. Laser or IPL. A combination of the different systems is also possible in order to achieve the best results. In a free consultation we will create an individual treatment plan for you.

Your appointment for couperose treatment at BellaDerma in Berlin

Visit us in our practice rooms in Berlin Mitte or Berlin Charlottenburg. Place yourself confidently in the hands of our experienced professional staff for your couperose treatment. You are welcome to arrange a free consultation with us for couperose treatment.


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