Tattoo removal in Berlin

With the Picosure® picosecond laser, the best results in tattoo removal in Berlin are possible. Our experienced laser experts guarantee gentle and safe tattoo removal in only 6-8 sessions. Even colorful tattoos (red, orange, purple, yellow, green) can be removed gently and without residue. Tattoo removal in Berlin is performed at our locations in Mitte and Charlottenburg.

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The advantages of Picosure®

Picosure tattoo removal in Berlin offers the following advantages compared to conventional nanosecond lasers:

  • Time and money savings due to fewer and shorter sessions.
  • removal of tattoos in 6-8 sessions
  • all colored tattoos can be removed (red, orange, purple, yellow, green)
  • less painful, no scars

Tattoo removal treatment procedure

Each treatment follows an individual treatment plan in which the appropriate wavelength and optimal energy delivery is determined. In addition, the size of the spots is precisely adjusted. Before the treatment, a laser test is carried out on a small area of the tattoo to ensure skin compatibility.

The appointments for the tattoo removal sessions in Berlin take place at intervals of several weeks to give the immune system the chance to remove the pigment residues.

Tattoo removal with Picosure®

Picosure tattoo removal in Berlin offers many advantages compared to conventional nanosecond lasers. It is less painful, leaves no scars and removes tattoos in just a few sessions.

Tattoo removal in Berlin is performed by medical professionals. If you would like to have your tattoo removed, or would like a tattoo correction or cover-up preparation, please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

BellaDerma uses the Picosure® picosecond laser from the manufacturer Cynosure for tattoo removal. This is the world’s first laser platform with extremely short pulse durations in the picosecond range and a particularly broad spectrum of treatment parameters.


  • Methods

    Tattoo removal
    from 100 €

  • Removal of permanent make-up

    e.g. Eyelid line removal
    from 100 €

  • Cover-Up Lightening

    e.g. Lightening small tattoo
    from 100 €

    Costs and prices

    The costs for a tattoo removal in Berlin depend on
    on the size and complexity of the area to be treated.

    Tattoo removal

    Body region Price per treatment
    Small areas from 100 €

    When booking a treatment package consisting of several individual sessions, you will receive a favourable package price. We will be happy to determine an individual treatment price for you during the free consultation – after assessment.

    Frequently asked questions about Tattoo removal

    Book an appointment for a consultation

    The medical staff of trained specialists, beauticians and alternative practitioners are happy to advise you on the possible treatments. The consultation is non-binding and free of charge. Call us on +49/30/88 92 92 20.

    Experience reports

    We are always pleased to receive reports of experiences that reach us by e-mail.

    • Jonas (35)
      Berlin Zehlendorf

      I have been dealing with the topic of tattoo removal for a long time and especially if you have a colourful tattoo like I do, there is no way around a picosecond laser. Only this can remove all colours without leaving any residue! I have now had my third session at BellaDerma and I am incredibly satisfied with the device they work with and the practice in general! My tattoo which consisted of strong colours like blue, red and green is now hardly recognisable. I think I will book two more sessions and then it will all be removed.

      Yasemin (21)
      Berlin Neukölln

      I had treatments at two different tattoo studios and was not really satisfied with the results. After a total of 5 treatments the tattoo was still visible almost unchanged. After some research I came across the Picosure laser. This is supposed to be the best. BellaDerma works with this laser and that's why I immediately made an appointment there. You can see a clear difference after just one treatment. I am super satisfied with BellaDerma and can highly recommend the practice to everyone!

      Selma (48)
      Berlin Charlottenburg

      Let's call it a youth sin. One thing is for sure, for many years I was annoyed by my little holiday souvenir on my calf. BellaDerma literally "made short work of it" and managed a tattoo removal in just five appointments. It was a butterfly about ten centimetres in size, in red and yellow.

      Tayler (32)
      Berlin Reinickendorf

      Tattoo removal was or is out of the question for me. From my point of view, stitching a new motif is more interesting because, after all, tastes can change. My tattoo studio pointed out to me that a cover-up preparation makes sense and so I came to BellaDerma. What can I say? I was very satisfied and since I got my new design, you can't see any traces of the previous tattoo.

    • Amir (28)
      Berlin Steglitz

      Good prices, fast results and nice team! After several bad tattoo removals at other Berlin studios, I am finally satisfied and rid of my tattoo! My advice - don't save money on tattoo removal - in the end I paid more and my skin was burnt in some places! BellaDerma saved what could be saved. Now I even treat my scars that were inflicted on me by the old studio at BellaDerma. Thank you BellaDerma!!!!

      Thomas (47)
      Berlin Wannsee

      It's quite crass how quickly a tattoo is stung and how long it takes to remove it. I don't mean that the appointments at BellaDerma took a long time, but the waiting times between appointments due to health reasons. The ink has to be removed by the immune system first. In the end, this took months for me, but the result can be seen or rather no longer seen. The tattoo is completely gone and there are no visible scars. Wow.

      Bella (31)
      Berlin Kreuzberg

      I have nothing but good things to say about tattoo removal at BellaDerma! From the consultation to the individual treatments, everything was always done super professionally. After a total of 4 treatments, you can only see a slight shadow of my tattoos. I had 10 cat paws on my back/hip. I think I will need about 2 more treatments.

      Mauro (36)
      Berlin Spandau

      I have been to a few tattoo removal consultations now. I didn't feel I was given competent advice at most of them. At Bellladerma, however, everything was just right. A detailed consultation and even my request for a "test shot" was taken into consideration. This made it easier for me to get involved in the treatment. In the meantime I have had 2 sessions and I am more than thrilled - my tribal on my shoulder has already become much brighter!

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