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Liver spot removal Berlin

Moles are an accumulation or proliferation of pigmented cells. Every person develops moles. With increasing age, there are also more moles. And moles can be found all over the body, in fact from head to toe. Not only do the amount of moles vary from person to person, but their colour can also range from light to almost black, and moreover, moles are quite different in shape and size.

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It is now known that some moles develop into what is known as malignant melanoma or a precursor of this skin cancer. Therefore, a dermatologist should take a look at the moles from time to time and use screening to decide whether the moles are harmless or should be removed.

What to do about unwanted moles?

But there are not only medical reasons for having moles removed. Some moles should also be removed for aesthetic reasons. Here, however, you have to weigh things up: Moles or scars? Surgical removal of moles will always result in scars, although these may be less noticeable than moles, depending on your personal constitution.

Moles can only disappear completely if they are surgically removed, but this will leave scars that are less noticeable. By the way: Liver spots have at most the colour in common with the liver.

Gentle treatment of moles with laser

Not all moles are disturbing or perceived as such. Some moles need to be removed because of a medical indication. However, there are also many moles that those affected would like to have removed for aesthetic reasons. A particularly gentle method of removing moles is laser treatment. It is quick and painless and usually without complications.

Laser treatment procedure

During laser treatment, the mole is basically only treated with high-energy light. This bundled light penetrates the upper layer of the mole, depending on the wavelength. This then causes the cells to die. For small moles, often not even an anaesthetic is necessary. Even with larger moles, the area is only locally anaesthetised. This anaesthetic can be applied either with appropriate creams or with a syringe.

After the treatment, a scab forms on the treated area, which should be protected with a plaster for one to two days. But even this can be dispensed with in the case of a small birthmark. However, it is absolutely necessary to protect the area from sunlight with a protective cream with a high sun protection factor, as the skin at the site is very sensitive to light for four to six weeks. For larger moles, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment.

Which moles can be removed with the laser?

Not every mole should be removed with a laser. Dermatologists recommend that it is essential to clarify beforehand that the mole is harmless or not a high-risk liver spot.


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