Permanent make-up in Berlin

3rd generation permanent make-up

Permanent make-up – good-looking 24 hours per day and 365 days per year
The latest generation of Permanent Make-up, the so-called Conture Make-up, has the power to make every lady’s dream come true. Simply look good all the time and feel like being just freshly made-up.

Permanent make-up with Long-Time-Liner

The permanent make-up with Long-Time Liner (Conture Make-up) helps to emphasize on the natural beauty and is able to correct minor impurities of the skin if desired.

Contrary to first generation products of permanent make-up Conture Make-up does not look like an artificial face that has been painted excessively. The intelligent improvement of permanent make-up made it possible to make more decent corrections that others may only recognize as a part of your own natural beauty.

What is Conture Make-up?

As its name suggests, Conture Make-up can be used to apply more strength to your facial contours and to equate eventual inequalities of your face. The adjusted pigmentation with its finest strokes can hereby give a perfect and expressive lining to your eyebrows, eyelashes and also to your lips that will underline your natural look.

Perfect eyebrows for an ideal shape of your face

With Conture Make-up we can give the perfect bow, the right density and colour to your eyebrows. Eyebrows that are irregular or too faint are not a problem any longer. Eyebrows can set the frame for a beautiful face and their shape has a big influence on our appearance. The ideal bow of the eyebrows lets you look younger and – even better – the repeated procedure of epilation becomes part of the history.

Permanent eyeliner with permanent make-up

Finally, with Conture Make-up now every woman can simply forget refreshing her eyeliner. With a permanent make-up we can make a pigmentation of your eyeliner either on the lower or the upper eyelid. A fine or (if desired) stronger eyeliner makes your eyes expressive in every situation. Because of the pigmentation of the eyeliner your lashes look denser and put more emphasis on your eyes. For your perfect appearance – at sports, in the sauna, at the pool. Especially suitable for wearers of contact lenses.

Perfect lips without lipstick

With Conture Make-up you could forget your lipsticks forever. The ideal shape of your lips will be designed with the finest pigmentation so that even the faintest irregularities can be corrected. Additional lip shading can be applied either in natural colour or with a stronger colour – just as you like it.

Conture Make-up – safety first

Of course we only use officially certified and allergy-tested pigments for Conture Make-up. Our mineral colours are uncritical healthwise. A dermatologic certificate can be shown to you on demand.

Make your appointment at Belladerma in Berlin now and get your free and tentative advice. Together with you our make-up artists will find the perfect colour set for your personal permanent make-up. Call us now if you have any further questions or just make your appointment!

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