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Small fat deposits can be reduced by means of injection lipolysis. However, the fat-removal injection is not suitable for massively reducing weight. However, small fat deposits can be permanently eliminated with a simple injection and without extensive surgery in outpatient treatment.

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Fields of application of the fat-away injection

In principle, the fat removal injection in Berlin can be used on any part of the body where fat accumulation is present. The most common areas of application are cellulite (including severe cases), double chin, bags under the eyes, fat deposits on the face, male breasts, thighs, knees and lower legs, ankles, abdomen, hips, riding breeches and general body modelling of various problem areas. The fat removal injection is particularly helpful after liposuction. Here it can help very specifically against the remaining small fat pads and improve the result even more.

How does the treatment with the fat-away injection work?

The treatment with the Fat Away Injection in Berlin takes place on an outpatient basis. The preparation phosphatidylcholine is injected directly into the subcutaneous fat tissue with a fine needle and evenly distributed there. After only a few days, a significant reduction of the fatty tissue is noticeable. The fat cells are permanently dissolved and the formation of new ones can be ruled out, as with liposuction.

Injection lipolysis – every session a visible success

The number of treatments depends on the number and size of the fat deposits to be treated. Generally, 3-4 treatments are sufficient. One session takes about 15-30 minutes. See for yourself: After each session, the success is clearly visible.

Further questions about fat removal injections in Berlin?

For example: Does the fat way injection help with the double chin? If you have any further questions on the subject or would like a personal consultation to find out more about the possibilities of this new type of therapy, then arrange a free – no-obligation consultation. Our experienced specialists in Berlin Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg or Berlin Mitte will be happy to take time for you.


    Costs and prices

    The cost of fat-away injections varies by body region and by frequency of use.

    Body zone Price for 1st session Price for each additional session
    Eyelids 200 € 150 €
    Cheeks 200 € 150 €
    Double chin 200 € 150 €
    Male chest Both 250 € 200 €
    Bra back padding Both sides 250 € 200 €
    Upper arms Both sides 300 € 250 €
    Belly 300 € 250 €
    Hip area Both sides 300 € 250 €
    Buttocks 300 € 250 €
    Thigh Inside 300 € 250 €
    Breeches Both sides 300 € 250 €
    Lower thigh Both sides 250 € 200 €
    Knee Both sides 200 € 150 €
    Ankles/ankle area 200 € 150 €
    Cellulite Both sides 300 € 250 €

    Our prices are inclusive of VAT.
    The consultation to the fat-away injection is free for you.

    Frequently asked questions about Fat-away injection

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    The medical staff of trained specialists, beauticians and alternative practitioners are happy to advise you on the possible treatments. The consultation is non-binding and free of charge. Call us on +49/30/88 92 92 20.

    Experience reports

    We are always pleased to receive reports of experiences that reach us by e-mail.

    • Anna (56)
      Berlin Pankow

      Actually, I'm not too fat and I can live with my little belly. Nevertheless, I consider the fat-away injection to be a practical treatment because it can also eliminate cellulite. The principle is very simple. During an appointment at BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte, the skin is first analysed. In my case, four injection lipolysis treatments with the active ingredient phosphatidylcholine were enough to achieve a great effect. I'm already thinking about having the annoying fat on my calves treated as well.

      Helene (46)
      Berlin Lichtenberg

      When I first heard about the Fat Away Injection in Berlin, I still thought it was an April Fool's joke. How is an injection supposed to replace years of training? And what kind of substance must it be that can remove fat so quickly? My questions were answered at BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte. Of course I have to keep exercising to maintain my figure. But the fat-away injection is a practical addition in my eyes. I had the injection lipolysis treatment done on my knee because the pads there wouldn't go away despite exercising. After only three sessions, each lasting half an hour, I got rid of my fat pads and no new fat cells have formed since then either.

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