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In order to get rid of smaller fat stores today liposuction or other surgical treatments are not necessary any longer. The innovative and easy method of lipolysis by injection or the so-called fat-away-injection has become a good alternative. During several sessions a certain substance called phosphatidylcholine is injected into the fat tissue of the skin, and the fat cells are just melting away without any further intervention.

Who should use the fat-away-injection?

Lipolysis by injection lets smaller adipose tissues disappear and can also be used for minor problematic areas of the body that still have a predisposition for the growth of fat tissue despite a strict diet and sufficient physical training.

However, the fat-away-injection is neither the proper treatment against heavy overweight and large-scale adipose tissues, nor is it suitable for a fast-and-easy weight reduction. But lipolysis by injection is quite practical and easy-to-use when smaller areas of fat tissues like lipoma should be removed.

Application areas for the fat-away-injection

Typical application areas for lipolysis by injection are cellulite and smaller accumulations of fat tissue in the face (double chin), the arms, legs, and thighs. But the fat-away-injection is also suitable for saddlebags as well as for shape corrections of the hip, the tummy and other problematic areas of the body.

The fat-away-injection is especially helpful after a liposuction. Small remaining areas of fat tissue can easily be removed in order to optimize the allover result of the liposuction.

Course of treatment of a lipolysis by injection

A lipolysis by injection is made ambulatory. The substance phosphatidylcholine is injected with an extremely fine needle directly into the subcutaneous tissues and disseminated. As early as a few days later you will observe a distinct reduction of the fat tissue in that area. The injected phosphatidylcholine has permanently dissolved the fat cells and at the same time prevented the neoformation of new fat cells in the treated area.

Good results after the first treatment already

Of course the number of treatments depends on the size and number of adipose tissues but, generally speaking, you may expect 3-4 treatments to be sufficient for a long-lasting effect already. Each session is only about 15-30 minutes long.

Should you have any further questions or want to receive detailed information about this new and stunning therapy then get in touch with our personnel and make your appointment for a personal and free advisory.

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