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The Gummy Smile is the dreaded gum smile (bruxism) where a bright smile is ruined by the display of a lot of gum. While this is not a medical condition, the aesthetic effect is highly undesirable.

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The causes are thought to be either small teeth or a shortened lip, and an elongated upper jaw may also be responsible. There are, however, possibilities of regulation or at least weakening of the undesirable effect. Gummy smile correction with Botox in Berlin is performed at the BellaDerma locations in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

What are the symptoms of a Gummy Smile?

The problem with a Gummy Smile is the detrimental aesthetic aspect of the smile or laugh. What makes people particularly likeable turns into an appearance that is perceived as unattractive and ultimately ensures that laughter is largely avoided. The term Gummy Smile is commonly used when more than three millimetres of gums are visible.

How can teeth grinding / Gummy Smile be treated?

Removing a Gummy Smile is often possible, but treatment requires an accurate diagnosis. Beforehand, a dentist should also look at the teeth grinding and make sure that it is not a dental problem. After a consultation with a doctor, various forms of treatment are possible. The spectrum ranges from osteotomy or lip displacement and thus surgical interventions to Botox injections. The latter is particularly simple and is performed in a minimally invasive way. By weakening the Musculus Masseter (chewing muscle) in the lip area, the Gummy Smile also becomes less noticeable.

Gummy smile correction in Berlin at BellaDerma

If you would like to have your gummy smile removed in Berlin, it is best to come straight to the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments. We offer various options for correction and are available for you in Berlin Mitte, Unter den Linden as well as in Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner Kurfürstendamm. If you would like to know more about Lip injections in Berlin, please contact us.


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