Cover-up lightening in Berlin

A cover-up lightening in Berlin is not to be compared with a classic tattoo removal. The difference lies in the fact that after the cover-up lightening a tattoo is to be stung again directly.

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What is the purpose of cover-up lightening?

If you follow some tattoo artists in Berlin or elsewhere, cover-up lightening is a necessity. Especially if there is already a dark tattoo, it should be pre-treated in order to be able to better go over it with another colour. In some cases, the cover-up lightening affects the entire tattoo, but it can also include only individual areas. The tattoo artist always “directs” the process, as he or she needs optimally prepared skin for the stitching of a new work of art.

How does the cover-up lightening in Berlin work?

Cover-up lightening in Berlin is done with the help of a special laser. At the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments, we work with a state-of-the-art picosecond laser. The advantage is, on the one hand, the skin-friendly and highly efficient approach and, on the other hand, the individually adjustable wavelength. In this way, layers of colour can be lightened or broken up and removed in a targeted and selective manner.

To put it simply, the procedure consists of tracing the contours of the tattoo. By working with an ultra-short but highly energetic light impulse, the skin layer with the embedded colour breaks up and releases it. The human immune system is then responsible for its removal. Cover-up lightening in Berlin is suitable for smaller treatments as well as for large-area tattoos.

What are the costs of cover-up lightening?

Since every cover-up lightening is an individual treatment, it is not possible to predict the costs in advance. Those who work with all-inclusive prices in this area are simply not serious and, above all, do not take into account the individual differences in tattoos, tattoo colours and skin types. However, after a (free) diagnosis, it is easily possible to make valid statements regarding the duration of a treatment as well as the cost.

Cover-up lightening at BellaDerma in Berlin

When you decide on cover-up lightening at BellaDerma, you are placing yourself in the hands of proven experts. We work with a particularly powerful picosecond laser and thus guarantee maximum efficiency, coupled with a great deal of know-how. We are also happy to include the tattoo artist in the consultation and in this way find a tailor-made and all-round perfect solution.

You will find BellaDerma at two central locations in Berlin. Visit us in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner Kurfürstendamm or in Berlin-Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner Friedrichstraße. We will also be happy to provide you with a brief telephone consultation in advance.

Tattoo removal at BellaDerma is performed exclusively with a picosecond laser of the latest design. If desired, we can also remove permanent make-up. Please contact us.


  • Methods

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  • Removal of permanent make-up

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  • Cover-Up Lightening

    e.g. Lightening small tattoo
    from 100 €

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