Fruit acid peeling in Berlin

Fruit acid peeling – for an even and clearer look

Fruit acid peeling is a long-lasting and deeply effective alternative to mechanical peeling treatments. Often a fruit acid peeling is also called a „chemical peeling“, because you could also use other acids than fruit acids for a peeling. However, during a fruit acid peeling necrotic cells of the skin are dissolved and removed by the fruit acid. This gives a natural equalizing effect to the skin’s surface.

Fruit acid peeling – a good choice for many skin problems

You can use a fruit acid peeling for almost all problematic skin. It has a cleaning and equalizing effect on acne and acne scars. Even smaller wrinkles are smoothened by a fruit acid peeling. Irritations of the skin disappear and the overall appearance of the skin becomes clearer and fresher. Hyperpigmentation, age marks, or even chloasma as well as a general rejuvenation of the skin are other possible fields of application for a fruit acid peeling. After a fruit acid treatment the skin has become more fine-pored and fresher and has got back its juvenile appearance. Finally a fruit acid peeling is also suitable for scars.

Course of treatment of a fruit acid peeling

First of all your skin will be thoroughly analyzed by our medical experts. The most vital functions of the skin are checked because it only makes sense if the ingredients of the fruit acid peeling suit your individual type of skin. After the analysis your skin will be soundly cleansed. In the next step the upper layers of your skin will be softly peeled away by either aromatic amino acids or glycolic acid. For doing that the acids are dispensed onto your face, neck and cleavage. Depending on the goal of treatment and your type of skin, the fruit acids remain a couple of minutes on your skin before they are neutralized. Simultaneously a cool mask may soothe your skin. Then the neutralized amount of the fruit acids will be removed and your skin is ready for the next steps of the treatment. Especially smaller irregularities like comedos can now easily be removed.

Advantages of a fruit acid peeling

A fruit acid peeling gives your face a cleaner and younger overall appearance and a better surface structure. The rejuvenation or cleansing is extensive and not only in the areas of scars or spots. Fruit acid peelings are very compatible and promise a long-term effect.

Peeling by aromatic amino acids

According to the goal of treatment Belladerma uses different fruit acids for a peeling. Aromatic amino acids are naturally obtained. They are the precursors of the so-called “AHA acids” (alpha hydroxy acids). Belladerma uses aromatic amino acids that are enriched with vitamin C and also contain minerals from the Dead Sea. This makes them highly effective and able to absorb three times more of free radicals than common fruit acids can absorb.

Fruit acid peeling by glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a natural alpha hydroxy acid from the sugar cane. It is highly effective and extremely skin-friendly. At the same time it is the kind of acid that is most commonly used for fruit acid peelings. Glycolic acid is used in various concentrations depending on the goal of treatment and the type of skin.

Chemical peeling with trichloracetic acid – TCA peeling

TCA peeling affects deeper layers of the skin than normal fruit acid peelings. Trichloracetic acid is neither toxic nor will it be absorbed by the body. Therefore it is very effective and completely uncritical. TCA peeling dissolves the protein of the upper layer of the skin. One or two days after the treatment, the top layer of the skin peels off and reveals a fresh and rosy skin. Minor wrinkles, impurities and irregularities of the skin have disappeared.

Combination of IPL, microdermabrasion and fruit acid peeling

For most impurities and skin problems one single method of treament will not bring long-term and satisfying results. For an effective and convincing success it is necessary to find a combination of different methods (IPL technology, microdermabrasion and fruit acid peeling) together with carefully chosen compounds. But it’s not only necessary to select premium preparations with scientifically tested efficacy but also to create a clever combination of methods that is able to intensify the result of the treatment. In the professional beauty centres of BellaDerma you will enjoy an optimal and individual combination of professional technical and dermatologic treatments.

Quick results

Right after the first fruit acid peeling your skin will look much better. But a fruit acid peeling is especially successful when repeated after every two weeks. After four to six sessions you will see a stunning effect: Your skin has got a much denser and fine-pored structure on its surface, you look fresher and younger, and minor scars, unwanted pigmentation, acne scars and impurities disappear.

A fruit acid peeling can help you and your skin problem too. Make your appointment for an advisory at Belladerma in Berlin. Together with our cosmetic specialists you can select the right fruit acid peeling for you and get free and tentative information about the procedure and the expectable goals of treatment. Give us a call.

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