Methods of tattoo removal

The extremely short light pulses in the range of millionths of a second speak for tattoo removal with the picosecond laser. The resulting heat destroys the colour pigments without affecting the skin too much. The picosecond laser is the most effective and gentle method for tattoo removal. However, a number of alternative approaches can also be described.

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Other methods for tattoo removal

Tattoo removal with nanosecond laser

Tattoo removal with nanosecond lasers, such as a Q-switched ruby laser or Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, was the standard for many years, but it puts a lot of stress on the skin. This is because of the heat generated and the many sessions required. In comparison to the picosecond laser, there are also clear disadvantages with regard to healing. Those who have their tattoos removed with a nanosecond laser sometimes have to put up with several years of treatment.

Tattoo removal with erbium or CO₂ laser

Both methods were not developed for tattoo removal, but rather for the removal of warts and birthmarks. The background is the removal of skin layers instead of a direct effect on the colour pigments. This form of tattoo laser removal increases the risk of scarring.

Tattoo removal with electricity or diathermy

As with laser tattoo removal, removing tattoos with electricity generates too much heat. The colour pigments are burnt, but the skin is usually burnt as well. The method is both painful and risky (e.g. because of infections and scarring) and it also takes longer than contemporary approaches.

Tattoo removal with waterjet cutting

Before Waterjet-Cutting, a general anaesthetic is administered, as the pain of this treatment would otherwise be unbearable. A jet of water and enormous pressure is used to cut into the skin and remove the layers of skin containing the tattoo. This method is a real operation with all the risks involved and certainly one of the most unsuitable methods to remove a tattoo.

Tattoo removal by surgery

An alternative to waterjet cutting is working with local anaesthesia. This method is sometimes still used for small tattoos and the wound is closed by transplanting skin. The disadvantage is scarring.

Tattoo removal by dermabrasion

In dermabrasion, the skin is abraded, which is also done under local anaesthesia. Here too, scars are the norm.

Acid for tattoo removal

The acid approach is more theoretical. Nevertheless, there are providers here and there who actually introduce acid into the skin, causing inflammation. The healing process will transport the colours to the surface of the skin, but there will also be scars.

Cover-up tattoo

Lastly, many people choose to merely change the tattoo and not have it removed. This is called a cover-up tattoo, but it must be both larger and darker than the original tattoo. Previous tattoo removal by means of a picosecond laser is certainly possible and advisable in order to allow for better touch-up work.

Which tattoo removal method should you choose?

In recent years, laser treatment with PicoSure has become the standard tattoo removal method. This is due to the following reasons:

Because of these advantages, the BellaDerma specialist center uses laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure picosecond laser. Would you like more information about tattoo removal with PicoSure? Make an appointment now and let us advise you

Tattoo removal at BellaDerma is performed exclusively with a picosecond laser of the latest design. If desired, we can also perform cover-up lightening or remove permanent make-up. Please contact us.


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