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Pigmented spots and age marks

Pigmented spots or age marks, medically called “Lentigo solaris”, are brownish stains on the skin. Some kind of age marks even can reach the size of a couple of centimetres. They appear mostly in those areas of our body that have been exposed to the sunlight over many years – that is: on the face, the hands, the arms, but also on the cleavage and the back.

The origin of age marks

The development of age marks is fostered by UV light exposure of the skin. Repeating exposure to the sun facilitates the generation of pigment cells. This agglomeration of so-called melanocytes leads to an increase of the pigments in the upper layers of the skin that becomes visible as brownish discolorations.

Depending on the individual predisposition age marks have different kind of brown tones; they are not domed but plain and smooth. Mostly their shape is sharp. Age marks are not dangerous. However, afflicted people often regard them as a cosmetic problem even because – despite of their name – age marks can also affect younger people starting from an age of 30 already.

Possible therapies of pigmented spots

Medically speaking, a therapy against age marks is not necessary. However, many people wish to get rid of age marks because their prominent visibility is never really appreciated. One possible kind of treatment against age marks are so-called bleaches. A skin bleaching cream is applied to the pigmented spots. However, that cream does not make the spots disappear completely. They only get a bit fainter. This procedure takes some time and the results are not too satisfying.

Also microdermabrasion can be used for the removal of pigmented spots. The top layer of the skin will be abraded carefully, but after the therapy it is necessary to protect the regenerating young skin for a few months against all UV and sunlight exposure.

Permanent results with innovative IPL against pigmented spots

BellaDerma in Berlin favours IPL technology for quick, long-lasting and satisfying results. During an IPL therapy the areas of the skin that are affected with pigmented spots will be treated with a high energetic light by a flash light device. The wavelength of the light is adjusted to the pigmented spots so that the cells are destroyed by the generated thermal energy. This treatment is very efficient because all surrounding tissues remain unaffected and only the pigmented spots are removed. There is no scar formation.

A first visible effect can be seen after a few hours already. The pigmented spots get darker (this is also called the „dirty look“). Finally after a couple of days a layer of scab has been generated on top of the treated spots. During three to four weeks the pigments are shed by the natural process of cell regeneration. The young and regenerated skin shows less pigment than before.

For long-lasting results this therapy should be repeated two to three times in a row. Make your appointment for a tentative and free advisory at BellaDerma in Berlin for an efficient removal of pigmented spots with long-lasting results.

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