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Removal of haemangioma Berlin

Hemangioma is also known in medicine as hemangioma. It is a benign tumor that mainly affects babies. However, the medical harmlessness does not hide the fact that hemangiomas look unsightly. Especially if the face is affected, it is advisable to have the hemangioma removed. The novel T-Away method is particularly suitable for this purpose.

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Removing hemangioma with T-Away.

At first glance, removing blood sponges is a purely cosmetic procedure. However, visible physical appearances can also rub off on one’s well-being – and thus health. Especially in older children, in adolescents, but also in adults, the extensive and clearly visible skin changes can lead to psychological impairment. You should know that the occurrences can also grow and in the worst case cover large parts of the face. In some areas of the body, pain or at least increased sensitivity to pressure can also be expected. Certainly good reasons to have hemangiomas removed.

Hemangioma treatment with T-Away in detail

BellaDerma works in both specialist centers in Berlin according to the T-Away principle. Behind this is a special form of treatment that uses the USHF technique. The abbreviation stands for Ultra Short High Frequency. The impulses can be precisely adjusted and dosed, so that only the haemangiomas can be removed without affecting the surrounding tissue.

T-Away is considered to be one of the most efficient and tolerable procedures. In addition, a treatment usually takes only a few minutes and is completely painless. The areas of application of T-Away are by no means exhausted with the removal of hemangioma. Skin diseases such as couperose or age spots can also be removed with this innovative method.

Your appointment at the BellaDerma specialist center

At BellaDerma, you can have hemangiomas removed in two specialist centers in Berlin Mitte and Berlin Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg. We are experienced in the use of T-Away and guarantee a gentle, pleasant but above all lasting treatment at a reasonable price. Call us for a free consultation or make your personal appointment right away.


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