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Permanent make-up removal should always be carried out by qualified experts. Especially when a treatment is performed on the face, mistakes are unforgivable and can be avoided through know-how and experience. The picosecond laser represents the “gold standard” of tattoo removal lasers.

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What is permanent make-up anyway?

Permanent make-up removal in Berlin first of all requires a great deal of specialist knowledge about the technique with which permanent make-up is applied. This is a special type of tattooing that is applied to the skin with wafer-thin needles or other special devices. The removal is partly the same as tattoo removal and is also done with a laser.

How does permanent make-up removal in Berlin work?

To remove permanent make-up, we work with a special picosecond laser. This sends extremely short light pulses and in this way gently destroys the pigments of the permanent make-up. These are gradually removed by the body’s immune system. A laser treatment usually takes only a few minutes and, depending on the depth of the stitches and the amount of colour, between two and six sessions are required.

Hassle-free permanent make-up removal

At BellaDerma in Berlin we work daily in the field of permanent make-up removal or the removal of conture make-up as well as the removal of microblading. The advantage of permanent make-up removal over traditional tattoo removal is that only a few colour particles are affected and therefore fewer sessions with the laser are required. In addition, at BellaDerma we have a special picosecond laser which wavelength can be precisely adjusted to the permanent make-up. We only work with specially trained and certified experts who have a lot of experience in handling the laser device and removing permanent make-up. At the end of every treatment there is extensive cooling, so that side effects are virtually excluded.

Your permanent make-up removal in Berlin

Permanent make-up removal in Berlin at BellaDerma is particularly gentle and professional. You will find us at two central locations in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm and Berlin-Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße. We are also happy to advise you on the phone in advance of your treatment.

Tattoo removal at BellaDerma is performed exclusively with a picosecond laser of the latest design. If desired, we also undertake cover-up lightening or removal of unwanted tattoos.


  • Methods

    Tattoo removal
    from 100 €

  • Removal of permanent make-up

    e.g. Eyelid line removal
    from 100 €

  • Cover-Up Lightening

    e.g. Lightening small tattoo
    from 100 €

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